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August 04, 2020, 11:50:36 am

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Dear All
I was contacted today by Byron A. long term supporter
of my events both at Coltishall and Tibenham. He has crossed over
to fullsize in the last few years. He brought his Starduster Too
biplane to Tibenham a couple of years ago and gave people rides init.

Well to cut a long story short, he is unable to attend this event
but he wanted to give a donation to help pay some of the cost of it.
I told him he had given us enough and there was no need to give
us anything else but he insisted.

So he sent £100 to my paypal account, I found that very humbling.
A very generous gesture for the benefit of others,some he does not even know.
So I thanked Byron from all of us for his very kind and generous donation.
Things like this restores ones faith in humanity.

Regards Phil G.
RC Flight Chatter / Re: Wanted: RCMW August 2017 (...
Last post by rbp28668 - Yesterday at 19:54:51
Can't you get your staff to cut some symmetrical ribs instead?
Cars & motorsport / Re: For Lewis....
Last post by wunwinglow - Yesterday at 18:16:31
"The Cherokees are after me......."
Oops, sorry take a knee.
Cars & motorsport / Re: For Lewis....
Last post by The Saint. (Owen) - Yesterday at 12:26:44
 :af  :af
Cars & motorsport / For Lewis....
Last post by PDR - Yesterday at 09:48:51
RC Model Flying Events / Re: Salute to the 445th BG Mod...
Last post by nmacwarbirds - August 02, 2020, 21:43:50 pm
Dear All
Here are the guidelines for the Salute to the 445th BG model event to be held at Tibenham airfield Norfolk NR16 1NT on Friday the 14th of August 2020.
I have given this careful thought and I have also sought advice from two long term Friends/attendees of my events.
This is what I/we have come up with. I know this may not please everyone but these measures are not taken lightly and are designed for the greater good of everyone.

1) It would be helpful for all those wishing to attend the event if they could register their interest before the event, this will give us an idea of the likely numbers. It would also make less paperwork on the day. See point 3. You can register via messenger, email or pm.

2) Social distancing as recommended by government guidelines must be observed at all times.

3) Those attending must be prepared to give their name and a phone number. Failure to do so will result in automatic exclusion. These details will be destroyed 15 days after the event.

4) Car parking, vehicles must be parked 2mtrs apart.
There is plenty of room at Tibenham.

5) Number of models in the air at one time.
This will be decided on the day, once we have had a measure up.

6) Those attending will be asked/advised to bring along their own hand sanitizer.

7) Although I will make every effort to make this event as safe as possible, those attending will do so at their own risk.

8) No one shall touch anyone else's property unless asked to do so.

The cafe will be open as usual. I am sure Eddie and Rachel will be following government guidelines.

The SRG1308 came through from the CAA yesterday, we have got a ceiling of 1700ft.

Something new for this year. After the RC flying has finished around six to six thirty. Free flight / small RC will take place. The free flight is open to rubber, co2 and electric.

We have all had a difficult year, a days flying with friends and like minded people would make a nice respite for us all. However I do understand that some people might find this a 'bridge too far' and may not wish to attend, each person will have to make their own minds up about that.

As always I will try my best to make it a good day for everyone.

Regards Phil Goff
Helicopters & Autogyros / Roban BELL AH-1 COBRA Attack H...
Last post by DominicM - August 02, 2020, 16:51:14 pm
Another awesome machine from Adrian's hanger and flown in a suitably aggressive style.

RC Model Flying Events / Re: Salute to the 445th BG Mod...
Last post by nmacwarbirds - August 01, 2020, 20:02:51 pm
Dear All
I am hoping to announce very shortly the measures
that we shall be taking to allow this event to go
ahead in a sensible manner.

Regards Phil G.
Helicopters & Autogyros / Roban BELL UH-1N Rescue Helico...
Last post by DominicM - August 01, 2020, 18:31:17 pm
A fun film project this one. Adding to the realism with some onboard views.

RC Model Flying Events / RAF Shawbury Warbirds Reschedu...
Last post by Supersooty - August 01, 2020, 15:58:46 pm
The above event has now been rescheduled to 19-20 September 2020. To attend, go to the RAFMAA website and fill in your details for the event. Hopefully, it will now go ahead.
This event is open to all.
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