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Leaving a modern Merc over winter??

Started by NickK, September 24, 2015, 09:03:12 am

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I have a mate who has the misfortune to own a 13 plate Merc C class executive. He plans to spend 4 months over the winter in barbados.

The concern is the battery will obviously go flat which I know can cause all sorts of problems on these modern cars.

I wondered about using one of those solar panel things but dont know of they actually work. The only alternative I can think of is for someone (guess who ::)) to go up there once a week and start it up  $%&

Any ideas gratefully received  :)
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September 24, 2015, 09:13:41 am #1 Last Edit: September 24, 2015, 11:12:01 am by CEEJAY
 My son uses an optimiser for his motorcycle winter storage, its a m/c specific one but I would assume there are car versions, this does mean you need power where its kept, there are as you say many solar powered trickle chargers, usually for the caravan users amongst us, but even then they recommend the bike is started once a month.

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Leaving it motionless can damage the tyres too, better to get it off the ground and remove the wheels if possible.

The Beakmeister

I had a similar situation when I lived in Brazil with the vehicle standing for similar periods of time, I was advised by the dealer to fit a battery charger with auto cut off, which kept a trickle charge going keeping the battery up to charge, this worked very well and I never had a problem. only thing we did was flush the engine oil prior to storage and replace with clean oil so as not to have any corrosive engine waste in the bearings etc....#
But I am sure there is better advice yet to come !! :af :af
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I've got a car that gets occasional use, and I leave one of the automatic chargers that they sell in aldi/lid for 13 quid connected whenever it's not in use and that keeps the battery ready for use. Don't forget to leave the hand brake off.

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He has my sympathies. Just get in it once a week and  blitz around the roads.....😈

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I have just purchased a high days and holidays car for occasional summer use and a battery conditioner comes as part of the tool kit - because of reliance on complex electronics and a very high torque starter its recommended by the manufacturer to keep it permanently plugged in if the car is not to be used after a week .
I also remove the wheels,leave the handbrake off,start faily regularly and run to temperature, and (I can you laughing as I write) keep a couple of humane mouse traps in the garage.
My previous boys toy had a mouse (mice?) crawl up behind the dash and chew through wiring - it was lucky there wasn't a fire - fortunately it was repaired under warranty by a sympathetic main dealer.


As others have said - connect up a battery conditioning smart charger and make sure the parking brake is left OFF.
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I agree with all the above, although I'd just lift the car onto axle stands rather than removing the wheels. Clean oil and mousetraps are fairly important, and I'd also get a couple of those dehumidifier pots sold for caravans - one in the cabin and the other in the boot (unless it's not a saloon car - if it's a hatchback or estate then put both in the cabin). They stop condensation accumulating and soaking things.

A spray of WD 40 under the bonnet last thing before you leave can also reduce the risk of condensation in the ignition system.

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It appears the auto chargers are on offer in Lidl a week today for 14 quid

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Cheers for the replies everyone :af

Hadn't thought about the tyres so thanks for that. I like Bob's idea of just taking it for a thrash once a week but my mate is quite possessive about his car and thinks i'd probably fill it with muddy dogs and oily models - as if  :''

Anyway it looks like dig out the axle stands and a trip to lidl in Tonbridge - job done  :)
Who says ventriloquism is Gollocks