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July 07, 2020, 13:35:32 pm

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DX18 unexplained crash.

Started by STORM, November 11, 2015, 12:01:23 pm

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Hi guys, just wondering if any of you can throw some light on a shunt I had a couple of weeks ago.
Some of you may know that a DX18 put a couple of my jets in a couple of years ago (changed to Jeti on jets now).
The rf board was replaced on the DX18 and I have been using it successfully since on foamies plus a 55cc gasser.
Anyway, a scale foamy suddenly went into a downward spiral, I left the tranny on and when we retreived the model the ailerons and elevator were both locked on full deflection explaining the loss of control.
As we walked back to the flying field both controls suddenly centered, presumably as the rx saw the tx again. Everything worked as normal and a range check was good, better than Spektrum recommend in fact. 
My question is this, it could not have been caused by a failsafe as the control surfaces were not in the failsafe position. Also not a power failure as the rx was not flashing it's led. So I am baffled as to what could have failed. The receiver is a 6110e which is not full range but I was not far away and had previous trouble free flights that day.
Any thoughts on this will be much appreciated, needless to say the gasser will gain a Jeti rx!
Many thanks,


surely your title should be DX18 explains crash
I know you believe you understand what you think i said, but i am not sure you realise that what you think you heard is not what i meant.



A friend of mine, Mudders, on here, had a similar issue couple of years ago with a very large/expensive scale aerobatic that went into a spin all the way to the ground, I'm sure he will fill in details if he sees this or if you pm him,  :af I know it was an issue with the TX but not what it was,

I know THE answer!!......................42


Hi Chris, thanks for that, much appreciated.


It was the RF board too. They replaced it (and the model) and fingers crossed all has been well so far. I hope it stays that way cos I love the tx.

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Just to add to my comment, the symptoms seem the same, I did a proper range check and there were no issues, the first flight was 6mins old when they stopped talking, it did re connect I think twice on the way down, but it was totalled. The RX was connected up again and passed a range check.



Had a lot of problems with Speky, and lost models, switched to another brand and the only probs I get now are self induced
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I have had no problems since. I love my tx.

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 Ok guys, thanks for the feedback. I've repaired the foamy and try it again out of curiosity.
I'll order a new Jeti rx for the big Sbach though not risking that!
Thanks again,