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July 07, 2020, 12:57:21 pm

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Hitec Flash 8 and Flap con

Started by clive_f, June 17, 2016, 15:40:01 pm

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OK guys some help needed here as what should be simple is proving to be far from it.
I want elevator compensation pro rata for the degree of flap deployment.  I have got so far and although it all looks to be in place and available on the Tx screen it ignores the 3rd position.  Please read below for my progress so far.

I have tried to follow the manual to get this to work on a 3 position switch  Between the instructions and my own experience I have the following.

Switch position  A  No flap  required and no elevator compensation         Yes achieved
Switch position  B  Part flap required and  small elevator compensation, deployed over 1 second     yes achieved.
Switch position  C  Full Flap required and deployed over 2 seconds  yes achieved
                               Large elevator compensation deployed simultaneously             NO    FAILS      the elevator returns to the neutral position as in switch position A
                                I get exactly the same result wherever the "elev "  value is set between -100 and +100 . I know from the manual and successfully setting switch position B that it should need a positive value to achieve the down elevator mix.

The instruction in the book say you should be able to set it for each of the 3 switch positions but it only works on two.

What am I missing and what do i need to do to get it to work?

Yours in frustration



Well no sooner finished posting than started looking online in other places and under an Aurora 9 forum i found this

"Well I got it sorted out, thanks to Billy at Hitec, an amazing guy. I called explaining what I would like to do,
we tried using two radios to walk though this and we could not at first, we ended up back to where we started.
Billy asked me for some time so that he can try solving this with his
Not even 30min had passed, he calls me back, and asked me to go to the CHANNEL menu, make CH 5 FLAP as NULL
(you would think this is deactivating it) and then go back and look at the monitor.....Bravo it worked.
What that did, it released the "pivot point" of the ELE from being left on the graph to center
allowing you to place values which allows the FLAPS cross point to meet.
So now, I have my flaps on my E 3 POS SW.

UP towards me (2) NO FLAPS---------NO ELE
Center (1) HALF FLAPS------ ELE ADDED

You would have thought that placing NULL next to ch5 FLAPS would deactivate the FLAPS but it does not in FLAP CON.
Thanks Billy and hats off to Hitec for great customer service.

Guess what it works  but as he says why the hell would you expect that to be the case. Channel is THE place you would expect to go to allocate a function to a channel.

Any way it now works as I would expect I just have to hope that the compensation on position 3 ( full deployment  ) is enough cos I have it on max and it does not look much compared to what i felt i had to feed in manually.

I guess the test flight will tell.

Regards Clive