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July 07, 2020, 15:02:02 pm

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2.4 ghz TX/RX binding

Started by colin.breach, July 08, 2016, 23:00:56 pm

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O.K,now this will seem really dumb,but how do you bind a TX/RX. I have just had to change to 2.4,as my Digifleet does not have enough channels..Have acquired a Futaba T9 CP Super with 4 Orange 6 channel RXs,these are already "bound" to the TX.Have purchased an Orange R820x v2 cppm RX,8 channel,this has a binding plug,as does the TX, I assume that the bind plug must connect the RX bind socket to the next connection on the RX. The Futaba TX,has been fitted with a 2.4 ghz RF module,and I have the original TX manual,but this only covers the original 35 MHz spec. Are the binding plugs just simple shorting links? Colin...

Bad Raven

What exactly is the module in the rear of the Futaba Tx?  What exactly are the existing Orange receivers?

HobbyKing under the Orange name sell Futaba compatible and Spektrum compatible receivers. They are not interchangable.

The 820 is a DSM2/DSMX receiver which works with Spektrum format radio (using a Spektrum or compatible module), it needs to be bound using a bind plug in a manner that is listed in the Spektrum manuals and the manual for whatever module you have. These manuals will be available online.
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Many thanks for reply,have just checked Tx module,it is a Spektrum, 2.4 Ghz DSM2...DM8..8 channel/
The receivers are Orange DSM2. These have already been in operation with the Futaba TX.
The new 820 RX,from HK,does not come with any manual,the on line HK video does not mention binding,I will have a look on line for DSM2 Info ,Colin...


Manual on the Tx module here http://www.spektrumrc.com/ProdInfo/Files/SPM-Air-Module-Manual_LoRes.pdf with binding instructions on page 19, so put bind plug in the Rx power up and switch Tx on in bind mode.

Not sure how the Orange Rx's work but on Spektrum Rx the failsafe on the Rx is set on binding (i.e. it stores those stick/switch positions) so it's good practise to rebind the Rx to the Tx when you've setup a model to set the failsafe, especially as this is a CAA requirement.


After assistance from members have now managed to bind TX and RX. Idid have problems trying to set up flaps on chn 6,could not find how to set movement on both sides,Futaba manual did not seem to indicate that the lever being set up needed to be moved to switch sides.All now seem to be working correctly.Must say,things were easier with rubber band driven escapements.Colin.ps anybody know how spell check works on bindows ten..