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July 02, 2020, 13:39:08 pm

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6 channel Sanwa conquest MK11 transmitter and receiver

Started by m51sherman, August 15, 2016, 18:38:38 pm

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Hi. Very new to this game, so please be gentle! Ha!
In the middle of building my first RC, A Peter Rake Nieuport 11. Really pleased with the build so far. Just getting radio gear together and have come across a used Sanwa conquest MK11 transmitter and receiver for a tenner. Any one had dealings with Sanwa? Many Thanks.


It was a good basic radio in its time. That time was 25 years ago.

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A Peter Rake Nieuport 11 is a very lightweight model and you may get difficulties in obtaining a 35 MHz Rx light enough to do the model justice.

Also, being 35MHz, if my experience is anything to go by the mixture of elektric Motors and 35 MHz is prone to interference Problems.  >:(

There are some things in this Hobby of ours where you do not want to cut any corners on and having reliable RC gear is one of them. Modern 2,4 Ghz Radio gear has never been cheaper and is really the way to go.

But do not discard your Sanwa. I also have one of these I use in a powered ( i/c Motor) glider and it can be itself quite easily converted to 2,4 using FrSky modules if you so wish.
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Thanks Gents. Will bare that in mind and go for the newer kit. many thanks.