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July 07, 2020, 14:33:46 pm

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Wingstabi gyro

Started by planeman, September 19, 2016, 13:55:37 pm

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Is anyone out there presently using the Multiplex Wingstabi gyro?  I have spent considerable time over the last few weeks trying to set one up in a test model.  It has been an agonisingly slow process as I fell into every possible trap and pitfall.  The original instructions in the box was at least partly to blame as it left a lot to be guessed at, with the inevitable results.  Having found revised and comprehensive instructions issued by Multiplex things moved on and I now have the system up and running but not in a way that would be comfortable for flight testing.  I have the following two problems that I just cannot seem to solve.  (you may conclude I am an idiot here and I may have to agree, if you have the answers).

Problem one.  Servo movement and response differs between gyro 'on' (i.e. in damping mode) and 'off' in that travels are different.

Problem two.  when a stick is returned to neutral the servo slows up and centres sluggishly.

Tx is Profi 16 and rx is multiplex 9-DR No adjustments have been made to the setup as per factory defaults.  Tx has been calibrated to the gyro requirements and the servo directions set.  Everything seems to be working as it should except for the above two problems.

Any advice or experience with the Wingstabi would be appreciated before I loose contact with reality!!

John C


Are you absolutely sure you are running it in rate mode and not in heading mode?


Certain it is in rate mode, cos it says so.  I have not really gone into heading mode as I only want 3 axis damping to reduce wind effects.  Still trying with it this morning and both problems can be seen on the bench.  Flew it yesterday and all three axes felt sluggish and imprecise.  Not nice at all.  In fact, so far, the model is much better off without the gyro!  However, I am advised that gyros are to be allowed in scale competition next year so I will need to sort out if they help me. 


You're a brave chap. I would not have flown it if it reduced the travel and caused the servo to be slow returning to centre!
I have gyroed all my jets and am also starting to put them in every plane inc props and gliders.  They get rid of turbulence, you still have to deal with wind drift, cross-wind on landing etc but they get rid of the bumpiness and waggling that makes models look like models.  When they are properly set up you don't notice any difference in handling, if you do then it needs further work to get it set up right.
Unfortunately I can't help you any further without having your system connected up to the Mpx launcher, sat in front of me.  I suspect you have got some dodgy settings in the Mpx launcher software, but there is always the possibility of a faulty wingstabi.