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sad news

Started by smartarze, October 02, 2016, 22:53:22 pm

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Very saddened to hear the news today of a P51 mustang (Janie) crash only a few miles from me at Hardwick airfield, suffolk. I watched it fly over my house as it does regularly, I then read that it crashed 1 hour later leaving the pilot in a critical condition and killing the passenger. Those that have been to one of Phil's events at tibenham will know that the pilot Maurice quite often gives us an incredible display. link to the reports

It doesn't say at this stage who was flying it but thoughts and prayers go out to both family's at this very sad time.



So sorry to hear that.

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Latest info is that the 80yr old passenger died after being trapped in the aircraft, Maurice is in hospital in a stable condition according to his family.
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