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June 06, 2020, 02:28:20 am

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1/9 Rafale wing servo choice

Started by paulinfrance, October 23, 2016, 15:01:51 pm

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Hi, I am flying  my AD 1/9 scale Rafale with an upgraded motor ( Wren Jubilee ) however one
of my wing servos has gone 'jittery' in the up position, I am using a Futaba PCM 139 receiver on 41 mhz on 4.8 volts, I am looking for replacements wing servos, which are currently Futaba S 9402's which are 4.8 volt metal gear 9 kg servos ( probably a bit overkill ) I have been looking for replacements, S9206, S 9452, Bls 252 and Bls 253, will the Bls ( brushless ) what are your suggestions , and will the Bls servos work properly on my old analogue receiver ?,
and any other suggestions ?,
thanks Paul.
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