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Saito FG-30B questions

Started by seldredg, December 09, 2016, 18:20:50 pm

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1. I have a new Saito FG-30B. Does anyone know how high an octane this engine can use?  I have 100 octane. Is it worthwhile to use it straight up? Besides the octane rating, an advantage is that the race gas doesn't have a lot of the additives that pump gas does (like ethanol)

I mix it 50-50 with 91 octane for my trials bike, which runs better on the mix than straight 100. The lower octane burns faster than the 100, so the throttle response is better (and the specs call for 95 octane).

So, does the Saito have a high enough compression to benefit from more than 91 octane?

2. Wallbro carb air purging to prevent deadsticks. The Saito came with this problem description: "Because of its structure, in the case of the first running or under the condition of percolation, the Wallbro carburetor which is used for Saito Gas-engine series tends to accumulate air lock in the metering room."   The fix is to hold the airplane on its side with the metering room down while running the engine at half throttle (with your health insurance fully up to date). I didn't like this one much. The other was to take off and fly knife edge on the correct side, if you get that far.  Seems to me there should be a real fix for this. is there?



I don't know about 100 octane, but ethanol mixes is a no no it eats the joints up, as the the dead stick problem there are a lot of post on the web, of which I can't find at the moment but read the Saito instructions on this problem,,,
I have a thread going on a French forum,
here's a video on chasing it out,,  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZneH2iaI1Dw
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 An English friend living over here asked me about my FG-30 air bubble stuttering problems and asked my ( useless ) advice on buying one,

 I have the first version of this engine with the Saito carb, does your one ( or anyone out there ) have the walbro one, if so does it have  the bubble problem ?, if it doesn't can you give me the Ref N° of the walbro carb if that is the one that is fitted,..
 I don't want to spend £139 on the Morris mini motors one, I would rather spend my time adapting one,
 thanks Paul
Mode 2 THE only way to fly