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Started by SteveBB, December 28, 2016, 18:12:10 pm

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My car is parked up on a friend's drive a few doors up from my UK address while I'm in the States, I won't be back in the UK until May at the earliest. The MOT expires mid January, the insurance is up in esrly February and the tax the end of March.

I can get the SORN sorted of course, but do I need insurance, I'm supposing maybe? I appreciate the MOT would need to be done before it gets driven anywhere.

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according to the government website (google is your friend - possibly)

"You do not need to insure your vehicle if it is kept off the road and declared as off the road (SORN). This rule is called 'continuous insurance enforcement'."
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Insurance would not be a legal requirement whilst on a private drive,,  if it was on your own drive it  would possibly be covered for break ins etc, by your household insurance but not your neighbours insurance.
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It will not be insured unless you explain to the company that you are leaving it there. It's not a legal requirement on a private drive but it will not be insured for theft etc.

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