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July 04, 2020, 12:42:20 pm

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Windscreen Replacement additional cost ??

Started by The Stig, May 12, 2018, 17:36:03 pm

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The Stig

On Thursday the screen on my car got hit  by a rock which left a circular target shaped series of concentric cracks ,
So got in touch with the insurance who have organised its replacement but mentioned that after replacement the sensors in the screen  will need to be re-calibrated , something that is not covered ?? ( only the glass !) They said it was up to me to get it done and pay for it ! Which I gather is not cheap !
There must be some small print somewhere that I have not read !

Message , dont get a car with anything other than in plain glass!  no heating , no rain sensors , no camera , no anti dazzle !

be warned 



I have an 18month old VW Tiguan which has both rain and light sensors plus a forward facing camera in the rear-view mirror housing.
I also belong to a Mk2 Tiguan forum where a number of members have had to have windscreens replaced.
In most cases they've been covered by their windscreen insurance and the repairs have nearly all been undertaken by Autoglass. However the repairs have to be made at specialist Autoglass centres, as they are the only places they have the correct calibration equipment.
It is a very expensive process, however I don't understand your insurance companies reluctance to cover the cost!
I'm assuming you have separate windscreen cover? 
No trees were harmed by this post, but some electrons have been slightly inconvenienced

The Stig

My car is booked into Auto Windscreens , the company assigned by my insurance company ! So no choice there !
My screen is covered  in my insurance with a £70 excess, !
I dont have a separate  "windscreen" cover insurance , never realised such a thing exists .

I guess all will be revealed when the job is scheduled to be done on Weds .