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July 07, 2020, 14:05:54 pm

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Futaba Field Force 6 Possible Design Defect

Started by cobbo, June 13, 2018, 10:58:34 am

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A bit in the past for most members maybe, but a question about the Futaba Field Force 6 Tx, 50th Anniversary version.
I'm using it in Flaperon Mode, running separate aileron servos. The aileron ATV values are set so as to provide aileron differential. I want call up ABRK, so that I can switch in a small amount of aileron droop plus a little elevator down-trim to compensate.
It doesn't work! I get less aileron movement on the left-hand side. If I set all aileron ATV's equal and get rid of the differential, I get equal droop.
I thought I'd try Flap and Flap/Elevator coupling instead, using the knob - Fail, same problem.
Is this a known defect in the design, or am I missing something? There no warnings in the manual.


Can you have Flapperons, Flap/elevator and Air brakes working at the same time, I seem to recall some restrictions on what mixes were available.


Thanks for your reply. The answer is Yes you can, but read-on -

Problem solved! There never was one.

Aileron differential should be set up in the Flaperon setting. Because ATV's are the first item in the set-up sequence, I set my differentials there, since it's available and works. This then confounded the Airbrake and Flaps settings. Making Up and Down aileron ATV's the same value, with small differences in the left and right aileron Up ATV's to correct servo differences, and setting +62 % in the Flaperon differential setting, all is now working nicely, giving equal aileron flap deflection.

A classic case of only part-reading the manual before diving into the full set-up. I'm very pleased, because the Tx has vindicated itself and does not carry a defect in this respect. Well done Futaba.