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Started by The Saint. (Owen), July 12, 2018, 19:55:46 pm

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The Saint. (Owen)

Does anyone have any knowledge about these engines, there was a .61 and a .65 and as far as I know, were the only ones they made.

Thank you in advance.  :)
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I recall Brian Winch doing a test on a .MUTNUC .61 donkeys years ago, he was of the opinion it was a badge engineered engine but didn't suggest who manufactured it. He was also quite positive about its build and running.
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Kevin Fairgrieve (NSS)

I have one.

At least I think I do!!

I will dig it out, but I am sure it was a .46 size.



Was given one to review back in the early 90s - it was a chinese engine with reasonable but not brilliant build quality for a cheapo. Had some suspicions about some of the materials used, but didn't check them. IIRC it started easily and ran well enough, although I had to de-grit the ball races before running. Probably put about an hour of running on it. From memory it was no great powerhouse, but ran reasonably well on a 12.5-5 graupner paddle-blader. More power than a Meteor 60 (but then that's true of most .15s) and probably similar to a Mk4 Merco 61 or Enya 60-G7, but it was quite large and heavy for what it was. For the price it was a pretty good deal assuming that it didn't knacker-out quickly (the concerns about the materials). I guess I must still have it somewhere, but I doubt I could put a hand on it in a hurry.


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