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October 24, 2020, 15:13:43 pm

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Quotes from a report into a plane crash and death of pilot.

Started by Bad Raven, August 12, 2018, 07:04:23 am

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Bad Raven

From a while ago but just seen.

The (light twin) aircraft bounced on landing and a go-around was initiated," said the report.  "At some stage during the touchdown, the right engine propeller blades contacted the runway."

The pilot went for a go-around but after climbing out to "approx 150 feet" it spun in violently, stated to the right.

and then this:-

"The weather was fine and there were no problems with the aircraft said the report."

So it had a prop strike but there were "no problems", seems very unlikely!!

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I guess they meant there were no problems with the aircraft prior to the prop strike.

But that's one hell of a "bounce on landing" if a prop on a twin strikes the ground...
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I suppose that depends on the twin!  For example I remember Dad telling me a few years ago that the main legs on the Beagle 206 (remember them) were so short that fast taxiing at Heathrow and other major airports could result in a prop strike as the taxiway rain gutters were all designed with large airliners in mind.
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Gosh - thread necrophilia!

In an accident report the phrase "no problem with the aeroplane" always means "no pre-existing problems". It's quite easy to deduce what happened here - the stbd engine suffered a prop-strike and then the driver tried a go-around, but the stbd engine produced reduced thrust due to damage sustained in the prop-strike. The aeroplane would have been well below Vmca so an uncontrollable yaw into the damaged engine followed by an asymmetric stall was inevitable.

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