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hobby king

Started by colin.breach, December 20, 2018, 17:43:03 pm

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Does anyone have problems trying to order items from Hobby King U.K. warehouse of late, or have they just reduced choice of stuff ?...Colin...


It wouldn't surprise me if they are limiting the stocks at the UK warehouse in the run up to brexit because there is consioderable uncertainty about whether their VAT loophole will be continued.

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We never had the same choice as other countries, sort of second class customers - or pay more for the same thing.  >:(
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The Global Warehouse is pretty bare these days also. Seems like a marketing correction has taken place to concentrate on planes, to the detriment of other branches. However if you have the item number from a previous order it sometimes works to do a direct search rather than scroll down the appropriate pages.


Bloody sites :-X, I was only after 6 different things yesterday, of which are a couple of rolls of film covering,
it take all three sites to get  three different colours,, Uk, Eu and China, as for prices, I was after a lipo for my Robbe FX-30 transmitter, and they are only 5€ cheaper for their 'cheap' battery makes, than a Gens ace in a French shop,,
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Bad Raven

[quote author=paulinfrance link=topic=106872.msg1258375#msg1258375 date=154598278    CLIP......................only 5€ cheaper for their 'cheap' battery makes, than a Gens ace in a French shop,,

Well, at least my HK bought stuff continues on and on, whereas ALL the Gens Ace batteries bought, several in each of three sizes, all quickly failed with excessive internal impedance giving 30 second power sag on differing models.

Like Vauxhall, Gens Ace might now make decent stuff, but once (or over ten times in the battery sense) bitten..................... never again.

To the OP question - no, everything I have wanted has been available, and I only buy from the UK or EU warehouses.
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I have a couple of gens ace battery's, dare I say for my naza  450 ( I don't fancy 3 days in a British police station for saying "THE" word,, ) and one on my starter motor, anyway it's a tx battery so no real current drain,,
Mode 2 THE only way to fly


hi yes i ordered quite a large order of various items from them the web site showed all items in stock in the uk warehouse but it took them nearly a month to ship them it seamed to me they were having to get most of the items from some other warehouse it was only when i contacted them on facebook that the order got shipped .so i will not be using them again till they sort out there the way i am a platinum member but now a days this does not seam to count for anything ?