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February 19, 2020, 21:50:37 pm

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Flying Mosquito for the UK

Started by Pup Cam, November 18, 2012, 21:10:40 pm

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Pup Cam

Taken from the editorial of the December issue of Aeroplane

"And while that is exciting enough (see pages 51-56), we also have news of a Mosquito "flyer" for the UK in around three years! The Flying Mosquito Trust is now formalised and almost ready to begin raising funds."

Full editorial here:  http://www.aeroplanemonthly.com/editors-blog/478-aeroplane-editors-comment-december-2012

Page 48 if you have the magazine (if you have you'll know this already!)

Apparently Stephen Burt, the chap that runs the fly alongside a Spitfire or Hurricane flights along the south coast, has set up a trust to raise funds so that a second Mosquito can be returned to the air by Glyn Powell in NZ and then moved to the UK.   I haven't  been able to find out a lot about the trust, there's no website yet for example.

I really hope this happens!  :xx :xx :xx

Still distracted by a 1953 AJS 16MS and now a 1939 BSA 250 too!