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February 25, 2020, 18:44:06 pm

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Started by onetenor, December 25, 2018, 06:57:53 am

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 I thought  I'd done this before but here goes. I'v been modelling about 70 yrs  and made everything from chuckies and whip models to what was full house in the early days of 35 Mg radio. Had a veery long lay off.I returned 5 yrs ago but was knocked off my feet by my hips suddenly worsening. Model making on my lap tray is a bit difficult to say the least but I spend time servicing my collection of engines. It isn't a collection as such more an accumulation. Silver soldering,brazing  etc isn't safe. Even soft soldering is bit fraught.as the iron can slide off. I have holes in a few pairs of kecks to prove it.. Oops I just gave away my scouse origins Now living in N Wales in Meliden,Prestatyn I have a number of models dating from the late 50s ODs kits and plans builds.all waiting use or restoration. Lots of problems have delayed my hip replacements so they will have to wait a bit longer. I also have a few boats all with brushed motors or sails. Have I said enough? If not ask me what you want to know. Regards John / onetenor


Welcome to the forum. Lots of help and interest on here.  :af


Hi, welcome to the forum and a happy Christmas,,

Ps, Don't mention Drones here,,  ::)
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Quote from: paulinfrance on December 25, 2018, 09:18:47 am
Hi, welcome to the forum and a happy Christmas,,

Ps, Don't mention Drones here,,  ::)
or wasps. Or snow. or Christmas...

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