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Magnum 30 4 stroke

Started by British Victory, January 28, 2019, 14:18:22 pm

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British Victory

About 8 years ago I bought a super scorpion complete with one of the above engines.
The engine looked really tatty and ran rough so it was short work to swap it for an OS 26 surpas and later for an old OS 40 FS. The Magnum was lobbed in my engine crate along with some of the other old bangers.
Had a bit of a clear out this am, discovered the Magnum and gave it a dose of looking at.
For some reason the idle needle was screwed so far in the throttle wouldn't close properly and adjustment was too easy so I subbed an oversize o ring there. The main needle o ring was hard too.
Cut a long story short popped it in the test stand with a 10x4 APC and off she went bit of a tweak on the top end and then the idle and she's a good un except for fuel peeing out past the main needle.
Phoned westonuk up and two new o rings are on their way to me so when I get them I'll pop them in and I've a good candidate to replace the electric lump of poo in my buzzard bombshell.
Funny how things turn out ain't it.
there's only one f in RCMF,