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April 04, 2020, 04:31:44 am

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Possible Multirotor Event at Pontefract Race Course West Yorkshire in June

Started by 2.4G Shaun, January 29, 2016, 10:06:17 am

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2.4G Shaun

Hi all,

I'm just testing the water here.

I can organise a Multirotor event  in June at Pontefract Racecourse in West Yorkshire.

The format would be a general fly in, possibly the facility to take your BMFA Multirotor A certificate (this will be limited by the availability of instructors), demo flights by a Professional Multirotor Operator, possibly some trade presence (depending on the response to this email) as a starter. Also BMFA / CAA drone awareness representation to engage with the public and possibly the BMFA flight sim, if I can request it soon enough.

You MUST have a minimum BMFA - A  / LMA Proficiency / SAA  etc certification and current insurance to fly solo. There will be no exceptions. However if you just have BMFA (etc) insurance we can provide a qualified pilot to assist (subject to a quick test flight to check out your ability). We have to do this as Pontefract Park is  a public space and can't afford to compromise our flying site with incidents.

We will be operating from the Heli Patch but in addition there will be a general fly-in on the Aircraft area of the Park which you can participate, ( for fixed wing models over 7Kg, pilots must have a BMFA B or SAA Equiv. Unless you have a Professional Multirotor operator licence unfortunately we cannot accommodate multirotors over 3Kg ). The rules in place have to be there as part of our condition to fly in the park by the local council. That apart it is a brilliant venue to play with our toys and have fun......

Let me know your thoughts please: But we will need to get a jog on if it's going to happen.

This year we can't have any FPV racing but should this event prove a success, it will be on the radar for next year. Any Multirotor associations that want to participate, please PM me and we will see what we can do.



2.4G Shaun

Its on and we have managed to get some air gates and space to play so we will have a small course to fly round FPV.

Even if you haven't been involved and are just curious why not turn up and find out about this great aspect of the hobby.


2.4G Shaun

It was a success!. So much so everybody wanted us to put on another one. We will post details asap. Thanks for everybody who helped and all the pilots for putting on a great show.


John Evans

Looking for drone group to take part in an event next year in north yorkshire