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September 20, 2019, 16:29:09 pm

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Ashbourne scale day 2019

Started by CEEJAY, September 10, 2019, 20:41:06 pm

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Hello one and all

It's that time of year again (well late if truth be known) sorry for lateness of announcement but been poorly and not doing much toy aeroplane wise
Buy hey ho here we go

Just had confirmation that the dates for the scale day are ok with club
So set yer calendar for Oct 13th with 20th as reserve, same rules as ever same way to register your interests, that is add yer name to this thread and Orf we go

First up get a prize.   Free oatcake  ;D  ;D

If your new to it just reply to thread and details will be along later

Cheers all

I know THE answer!!......................42


Yes please Chris, please put Dave and Chris Berry on the list😀
Dave B.


Please put my name down for the 13th.
As always with my Depron lightweights it is rather weather (wind!) dependent, particularly for the sub 250g ones!


Consider yourselves on t list pretty small yet but should get plenty of flying hey😵
I know THE answer!!......................42

Dave Lowe

Could you add me to your list please.
Dave Lowe..............
Take off optional --- landing essential..


Here we go
Dave and Chris Berry
Simon Chadwick
Dave Lowe
Tim Hooper
Geoff Sleath
Lindsay Todd
Martin Kinder
Danny Fenton
Room for more tell yer mates

I know THE answer!!......................42