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Started by The Saint. (Owen), September 24, 2019, 16:36:53 pm

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The Saint. (Owen)

Has anyone had any experience with RMS engines?
I know they're Russian, but are they related to the dreaded MDS engines and how do they compare?

Thank you in advance.  :) 
Electrickery is the work of the devil.
Proper aeroplanes are powered by engines.


I can't remember them, do you have a photo of it ?.

Was it a gold headed engine in a polystyrene box ?.
Mode 2 THE only way to fly

The Saint. (Owen)

Electrickery is the work of the devil.
Proper aeroplanes are powered by engines.


Never seen or heard of it in France,,
Mode 2 THE only way to fly

British Victory

This is the mds re-branded as ripmax, it didn't last as long as the mds and mds would have been best advised to change the brand mark to POS.
I only ever saw one and, like the mds before it, was really designed to run on 0% nitro.
Perhaps the biggest drawback was the metallurgy employed in the castings late 50s/60s, I think with a lot of zinc involved. If you're up for a challenge, go for it; your task will be easier if you use a castor based 0% nitro fuel, IIRC the FAI mix was best on mds and the rmx is almost the same as the mds.

Look at this link https://www.modelflying.co.uk/forums/postings.asp?th=119999
there's only one f in RCMF,


Its RMX, Russian Made Xcretia
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AAAH ! MDS a.k.a Metal Door Stop

An MDS 25 was the first engine I bought. It lived up to Most Don't Start. I took it back to the shop (Galaxy Models in Ipswich) and Gary kindly tried for half an hour and gave up, and generously replaced the item with another. This ran very well as long as I was happy with full throttle or stopped.
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RMS were good engines, Ripmax went over to Russia and supervised better tooling etc. They failed to take off because of the link to MDS.