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January 19, 2020, 10:20:32 am

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Leccy Lanc XI

Started by Wiz, February 09, 2006, 13:35:59 pm

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Quote from: CraigO on June 03, 2018, 12:25:44 pm
cant find a turnigy 5055 400 unless it is the SK 5055-07 from around 2011 would that be the beasties?
I am not getting enough amps in simulation for that so perhaps it is something else.

BD-  Attached are screenshots of the eCalc estimates.  To increase the pitch speed the only practical way to do it is to go to a 6s pack.  It could be as simple as series and paralleling some inexpensive 3s packs to gain 6s and capacity.
Why is there only one Hurricane ARF?


Thanks for the replies so far guys!
I'm going to recheck the throttle calibration and RPM readings - I seem to recall from my smaller lancaster build that the pitch speed was reccomended to be 50mph, so I'm certainly off at the moment.... No reason to suspect the bigger one would be any different - unless I've missed something!

Intriguing that one of the eCalc tables shows exactly that .... 😎

I've got some new 14x10's to try, so will do some more testing..

Watch this space



Flew it today - running 14x10 props off 4s 3600 packs. 6200rpm, 30A per motor, static pitch speed 58mph.

plenty of power, so quite pleased overall



Good work BD,, that is the beauty of Electric isn't it.  bit of a tweak of prop and battery and a different aircraft emerges :)



I'm calling this a low pass .......


Quote from: BalsaDust on December 24, 2019, 16:17:06 pm70128840_10220006832058396_1488172916427194368_o.jpg

I'm calling this a low pass .......

 Isn't the c of g too far forwards ?.
Mode 2 THE only way to fly


I'm back....had lots of log-in problems last year so gave up but 2020 is smiling on me 3 days in  :af


She's still in one piece but never flown...still with the missus who revoked her CAA license as soon as she was completed way back in 2004.  Now beginning my Halifax C Mk8 (or Halton if I decide on the solid nose)Six Foot Wingspan Lancaster Spirit of Russia'..jpg :)


Not much difference between the two,,or the Halton, Lincoln, :'' but what about a Windsor,,  :uk:

Mode 2 THE only way to fly


January 03, 2020, 14:15:59 pm #969 Last Edit: January 03, 2020, 14:17:58 pm by GordonMk2
Nope....the TN kit of the Halifax was bought about 2 years ago, so that's going to be the basis for the C Mk8 or Halton build Paul.  I'm a Halton ex-apprentice so that's the motivation for the build, plus the Empire Airways website want a photo or 3 of the final build!  Unitract U/C has also been built, so a few bits to buy, like the sound system etc and then 2 years of pain and frustration lie ahead  ;D