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August 12, 2020, 22:37:35 pm

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E-flite Opterra 2m "with as3x SMPA636b rx, cable woes!

Started by chaz2b, January 11, 2020, 01:25:09 am

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Having bought this wing for my Xmas prezzie to myself :''  the AS3X can be manipulated with an app on my iPad, but to do this requires a specific cable, namely the SMPA3081, with which spektrum has discontinued! The other cable is SMPA3060 but for use with a pc/laptop win10, I want to connect to my iPad, so the problem is, is there another way of connecting my iPad to the AR636b rx (via bind port) other than audio? Could I add, say a lightning port adapter ? Or am I at a loss with this reciever?
Looking at the various reviews shows that the AS3X is a good thing, but there are other flight stabilisations out there, maybe a swap out if a suitable cable is not out there.
Any techies out there that can help me?

There are many roads to success,.....mine is currently being resurfaced! However, all detours have been removed and financial issues have been met....let's go fly!


Go to BangGood and get their Mini K bar with a Blue Tooth attachment for less than a few quid, bullet proof!!


Get the Spektrum Bluetooth adapter works much better than the cables and is cheaper about £14