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February 25, 2020, 19:26:19 pm

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Second Hand wot4, kit built.

Started by British Victory, January 25, 2020, 14:54:45 pm

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British Victory

I've been poised on the edge of jacking it all in and been slinging out broken and unused planes when I suffered a reversal in my health which precludes me from following my newly adopted pastime of deerstalking.
So when I saw an ad for a wot4 complete with engine for peanuts off I trotted to pick it up. Really horrible covering job but the plane is sound underneath, slung the old jr servos out as they don't like LiFe batteries and installed a bunch of hitecs, also changed the tank over to a new one as the clunk was held in by the petrified oil in the bottom of the old tank.
The engine looked a bit ropey but I just primed it and it started with the first bang of the starter. Didn't even have to twiddle the needle valve good idle to full bore without a hitch. Let it run at half throttle, stopped it then started it first flick with a chicken finger and off it went again.
The engine is an ASP 52 2 stroke, and it runs like a train, I had gotten a 46 AX out to fit when the engine played up but it didn't so tomorrow will be the moment of truth when I'll commit it to aviation.
Hopefully it'll get me back into the swing of things and I'll fish out some of the planes I've built over the years but never gotten around to flying, there are 5 languishing fully kitted out just waiting for my bottle to return.
there's only one f in RCMF,


What sort of car do you have to get a deer and a Wot 4 in it,, $%&
Mode 2 THE only way to fly


You took out 4 servos instead of just buying a £6 NiMh or a voltage regulator ?

half throttle

Don't ever throw your gear out, I've been 16 years replacing all the stuff I got rid of when I left the UK.
'Concerning myself with the reasoning processes of your cerebral cortex is notably absent from my tables of consideration at this juncture'


Yes throw it out, and two days later you were wishing that you hadn't,,, :embarassed:
Mode 2 THE only way to fly

British Victory

If I can respond to the queries as raised,
PIF, don't do deer stalking at the mo, dodgy ticker following surgery so reverted back to r/c flying. My eldest son gave me his old volvo v40 when he upgraded and I keep it full of my modelling stuff, including planes, saves having to traipse them through the house.
f3f all my batteries are life as I dumped my nicad/nimh batteries many years ago. The servos were sh1te anyway being jr and it was actually just 2 as both the wing servos and throttle servos were futaba which will function with life batteries. I'll not use them again as I prefer to use equipment I feel confident with.
HT, keeping the core stuff, dumping all the models I've bent as at 75 I guess I'll never fix them now.
It actually was a good move to remove the servos as the mounting plate for the rudder and elevator servos was broken so I epoxied in a couple of pieces of 3mm birch ply which is now secure, the wing servo mounting screws were just pushed in their holes so I pulled the old stunt of plugging the holes with trimmed and glued matchsticks to give the new modelfixing servo screws something to bite into.
there's only one f in RCMF,