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April 09, 2020, 15:51:01 pm

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Servo plugs not playing ball

Started by Gaspin, March 23, 2020, 06:40:40 am

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I have an Ultimate profile plane, pure hooligan model, which I recently got out to evaluate, due to the local drone laws here. It has the elevator servo in the rear connected using an extension lead. Initial switch on  results in no elevator servo movement, if I leave it switched on and pull the extension plug out and in again it starts working. If I turn the power off and plug it in and out it remains motionless.
I have 5.9 V to the rx side of the extension lead.
All other servos work fine they are a Turnigy, Digital, Metal gear set 930 or 913 can't quite see.
Once working the servo behaves normally.
I have tried a few extension leads to get a tight fit, some did feel a little loose.
Any ideas to solve the problem.


This does happen with some uni / futaba plugs that you can pick up on the web for £1 a kilo,, I solder all of my extension leads and only leave the plugs where they go straight into the receiver or when I need extension for mounting the wing, and only use 'Proper' futaba to Futaba, or uni to uni connections.
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