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August 04, 2020, 12:06:09 pm

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ASP 1.80 FS Prop and model weight?

Started by Erez, June 27, 2020, 10:53:58 am

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Looking for inputs from those experienced with this four stroke engine or similar:
Recommend prop(s) for sport flying?
Maximum model weight for a sport aerobatic model?
Would a large (~90" span) Extra-like model weighing ~ 7 Kg be too optimistic?

Brian Cooper

It all depends on what the model is and how you want to fly it.
The ASP 180F/S is quite a sturdy engine but it isn't ferociously powerful. They seem to like a 17x8 prop.

I had a "Tuned by" West 180F/S in a Capiche 140. The model was about 78" span and weighed about 6.5kg dry.
The engine was only JUST powerful enough to prop hang it. There was no power left to pull away vertically.
However, changing to a CRRC 40 cc petrol engine (with a 20x10 prop) transformed the power-to-weight ratio, and it suddenly had about 2:1 . . Yayyyyyy.   :af

The ASP180F/S is a nice engine but if you're looking for vertical performance,  keep the model under 6kg.



Thanks Brian, that is helpful.
I'm looking at a 90" Extra weighing close to 7 Kg, and not interested in extended vertical performance or 3d, just sport flying and simple aerobatics (I like the looks of the Extras and how the large and lightly wing loaded ones seem to fly). I'm basically much more into scale models and flying style.