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July 16, 2020, 16:55:33 pm

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Midland Slopers!

Started by Zim, August 31, 2009, 12:08:53 pm

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Is there a plan for tomorrow dudes?



Went to the Pool with Tony. Half way between on the Gate and the Pool. Still, maidened my new Extreme F3F - what a fantastic model - rather looking forward to flying this one some more! No-one else up there though, so not quite sure if I was flying in the right place - one thing I do know - I nearly had the Mondeo sliding sideways down the hill into the pool before thinking better of the route I was taking and very very gingerly reversing out of it at a rather disturbing angle!!



Thinking of booking a day off work tomorrow (unknown to the Mrs  :ev), the Cloud looks the best bet, anyone out and about seeing as Sat/Sun looks pants.

Edit: rechecked XC, Sun looking better. BONUS...2 days flying this week!!  :af
Ok, this isn't funny, who's moved my sense of humour?


Anyone for Edge Top tomoz' I could do with chuck.....got a sort of DLG to maiden...well...a bit bigger maybe.  :''. Ant.


Will be at Buxton camping from Wednesday 27th June for 4 days .Can i phone anyone while i'm there to go flying with?