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July 16, 2020, 17:52:47 pm

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Central Scotland

Started by Velcro, September 06, 2009, 14:43:03 pm

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Just back in after a short hour and a half session. Conditions were good but got very blustery towards the end. had a few close calls after my glider got thrown about in the gusts. Thankfully there were no 'hits' on the slope.

Look forward to having my speedo ready for the next time there is an easterly blowing!


looks like conditions are going to be good on Thursday for the Barrhead slope. it's not a direct easterly but should still work ok. will hopefully get along after work.

i've been given a couple of old slope soarers by a local modeller. they need a bit of cosmetic work but one is servicable and almost ready to go so will hopefully give that a flight to see how it flys.


conditions are good. easterly 10-15mph. counting down the minutes until i head out.

going to hopefully maiden my speedo all being well. i was also gifted an old graupner glider by a local guy i fly with. he flew it for over 10 years but hasn't used it in a number of years. hopefully going to give that a flight tonight. no idea what design it is or where the balance should be on it so will be going nose heavy about 1/3 back on wing and work from there. it needs some renovation as it's seen a lot of flying time and landings, if it flies well i will get repairs tidied up and recover it ready for some more years on the slope.


25%-30% is a good starting point, and hopefully y h at happens to be the thickest part of the wing

Roy Garden

Not Central, but NE Scotland.
Forecast, first in a long time, SE winds, either Cairn o Mount or St Cyrus are on for tomorrow. (12/03/2015)
If it's blowing a gale, St Cyrus is best as it won't get blown out.
But, you have to land right at the edge of the cliff (you have less than 10' to get it into) or you are into severe rotor, which is not easy to land in without bending stuff.
If it's not blowing a gale, The Cairn is easier but all the landings are slope landings.

I'm currently charging stuff, Looks like the rain will be in by 2pm (ish) so a relatively early start required.

Roy 07825 957602 if you are coming out to play.
Sleep 'till you are hungry, eat 'till you are tired.
Being a service hand is great :-)