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October 25, 2020, 21:34:42 pm

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Great Orme and Conwy Soaring

Started by conwysoarer, September 26, 2009, 08:42:20 am

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Quote from: wdeighton on August 01, 2011, 23:11:01 pm

I have seen Conwaysoarer's google maps page with the orm sites and Conway mountain.


And Now I can find it. can you please re post or pm it to me.


Have these dudes migrater?????

Not much info.

I will be leaving in the morning, and taking the lite d60 and the voltij. hmm and maybe the 40......

slippery sloper

Greetigs chaps
Visiting the Llyn Peninsular for a week, can anyone help with a few slope sites please, hope you chaps are more helpful than the Sheffield lot...many thanks... :''


Will be in North Wales for 4 days from 5th July staying near Great  Orme.Will it be possible to phone someone on the day who will tell me where to fly ! I'm comming down from Newcastle, so i'm a stranger to North Wales :af


Changed the name of this thread to Great Orme and Conwy Soaring,, probably makes things easier.


JJ do you have any pics of the Conwy Mountain slope? Whats the LDZ like? Whats best, N or NW?


Im looking for a more leisurely slope experience, somewhere i can park the car closeby, somewhere where there is some entertainment for the kids/family and nice big clean air, nice LDZ and N or NW wind direction. I have the W-SW covered at the main orme slope.
A big ask but theres gotta be somewhere, isnt there?
Just want to be prepared for the summer when i visit.


Pretty thin for such a popular slope site!