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April 07, 2020, 13:29:58 pm

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King 140RV

Started by Pelle_Gris, August 12, 2010, 19:37:14 pm

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My original post got nuked in the last forum breakdown, so here it is again. I don´t know if the german King engines are known at all in the UK, but hopefully this will be useful for someone.

Engine: King 140RV
Silencer: Some sort of "tube" across the engine and mounted directly at the cylinders. Outlet pipe diameter around 16-18mm.
Fuel: 95 octane with 2% Husqvarna oil.
Temp: Around 20°C

3W 32x12 2-blade: 4.800rpm with silencer, 5.000 rpm without.
MenzS 26x12 4-blade: 5.200 rpm with silencer, 5.400 rpm without.

Hopefully it will eventually go into a 1:3 scale Wilga where it will be running twin KS canisters and probably a SEP 32x10 "Wilga" propeller.
Best Regards


A quick update.
The engine is now fitted with rear exit KS 90-5 canisters on 35cm headers.
Fuel: 95 octane with 2% oil.
Temp: Around 20°C.

Menz 26x12 4-blade: 5.400 rpm
3W 32x12 2-blade: 5.000 rpm
SEP 32x10 "Wilga": 4.600 rpm

I have uploaded a small clip of the engine running with the SEP propeller.
20120827 171216
Best Regards