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July 05, 2020, 07:42:16 am

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Jetlegend L39 build

Started by STORM, September 03, 2010, 21:49:32 pm

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Festo's are made specifically for air pressure connections and guaranteed to seal, providing you are using the correct pipe and cut the ends square.


No offence taken Sverrir!  ;)

OK, happy with that then.

Now for something completely different.

JL provide two nicely made liteply seats for the cockpit floor included in the kit.

Now this is a dilemma, as you know it's the focal point of any model aircraft, especially a jet. I'm the sort of person that likes to do a job properly or not at all.
I am moving now into unknown territory.

I just do not have the time, knowhow or inclination to build a full house scale cockpit. I have however purchased two very nice pilots of about the correct scale.

I could at great expense buy a ready made cockpit assy from say Global Jets but at vast expense. For the time being I have decided to at least put the seats in and see how it looks. I understand builders photocopy a f/size interior and paste the instuments etc. in, but how good does it look??

Again, any advice will be welcome.

If I fit these guys we are talking extra weight of 2X64 gm seats, 2X211gm guys and a 160gm floor. My goodness, an extra 700gms!!! Having said that the L39 is a big girl and probably wouldn't notice, more importantly its forard of the cg.

So, seats now screwed in with the aid of a ply plate glued to the bottom to facilitate easy screw in and removal.


Who's that rolling about in the background laughing his socks off??

For that I unplugged his socks complete with feet and boots but could not stop him climbing in for a test fit.

If anyone has any ideas on how to do decent instruments, switch panels etc please feel free to chip in. Also of course the ejector seats will need cushions, seat belts, shutes etc. etc. to look any good.


Quote from: STORM on October 15, 2010, 15:13:04 pm
I don't beleive this forum sometimes!
I just typed out a load of stuff and when uploading got the attachment file too large warning which deletes all the text!!!
Is this really the 21st century???

Hi Gary, I have had this happen to me, Bl**dy annoying :banghead:

What is a better idea (if you can remember to do it!) is to type it out in Word and cut and paste it in, at least if it crashes you haven't lost your text :af

regards the cockpit painting, nice job to do whilst watching the telly :af
"Jet flying is strictly on a shoestring"


Ha ha!

What I do now Vince is as you say copy the text before uploading, then when it fails I can just paste it back in.

You would think one of our godly mods would get something done about it.

While I'm moaning anyone out there know how to get Windows to default to thumbnail view when attaching pics? It always defaults to list view, I'm sure there must be a way.

Anyway Vince, you can say Happy Birthday as I am officially 65 today, Bad News!

However, the good news is my Wren arrived today courtesy of Jeff Sewell. What a guy he is, I emailed him yesterday to ask if it could get here today, he must have really gone out of his way because the parcel came special delivery at a cost of over £24, now that is service. No questions asked.

I shall of course find some way of reimbursing him, none of this "I'll have to charge you extra" it just arrived. A big thank you Jeff! Glad I went JetLegend and Wren on this one.

More later!

martin lees

  Happy Birthday you old git.
:D :D :D :D :D :
you look to be doing well with the L39
youve got me starting on mine

 Rgds    Martin.



Happy birthday.   :af

Quote from: STORM on October 16, 2010, 13:02:01 pm
While I'm moaning anyone out there know how to get Windows to default to thumbnail view when attaching pics? It always defaults to list view, I'm sure there must be a way.

In XP it goes something like this.

Go to one of your folder, set it to thumbnails, then in the folder menubar go to "Tools" > "Folder Options..."  select the "View" tab, click on "Apply to All Folders"

That might do the trick for the file upload too, although it's a different dialog so I'm not 100% sure.
Sverrir  - Icelandic Volcano Yeti - RCMF Tech Team


Thanks very much guys, you too Sverrir on FB!

Martin, really pushed on today, r/c tray almost complete, spent nine hours, 30 minutes actual work and the rest juggling stuff about and thinking. Must be getting old!  ;D

You must get yours sorted mate, we can fly all three in formation then, can't we Richard?

p.s. Thanks Sverrir, will try that.


Hi Gary, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" mate, I'll be 65 next March, looking forward to getting some extra money to help the coffers, but it means I'm getting less & less time to fly my models, which is why I have started back on the Intro rebuild :af

I bought another Avonds F15 on Thursday, so I now have three of the buggers ;D
one turbine and one was ducted fan, which I have stripped out, so wanted another cheap or damaged turbine one for the innards, but this one is in good shape, so will revamp this one for the training model, now I've been offered another damaged one cheap which will provide the innards I want :af

(lucky I ain't got a wife ;D)
"Jet flying is strictly on a shoestring"


Nor have I  mate, got a nice partner though, never make the same mistake twice!


This has been a busy week, spent more time on the model than I really should have done but made lots of progress so here we go, catch up time.

First, a major snag, because the formers are not perfectly aligned (massive understatement) it turns out the turbine/tube mount is wildy out of line, this made lining up a big problem requiring considerable thought.

One cannot even use the visible fuselage jiont lenes because they are all pissed as well.

I finished up using a small laser I have to get everything in line.


Next the electro fuel valves were mounted on the tank former installed earlier.


More stuff was added to the radio tray, starting to get a bit cluttered now!


As previously mentioned this gadget has arrived now which allowed me to push on with the pump, ecu and valves etc.


By way of a change of scenery I then moved to the air system to fit the connectors, nice stuff from JetLegend.
I inadvertantly found a small o ring later that had escaped, very lucky, anyone know of a trick to make sure these little terrors can't escape in the future?


Whilst working on the wings I thought I would do something about the brake line routing because the pipes were catching the tyres.


To do this meant cutting the tiewraps off, some clown at the factory had ca'd these on which would have been ok had they been routed correctly, good job I inspected this area as I found that when the gear retracts the brake line was kinking very badly which would have left me with only one brake at some stage.


The offending section was removed and replaced with new tubing and routed correctly.

Whist on the wings I realised that I could actually remove the flaps to releive the binding discovered earlier, this made it easy to remove offending material, easy when you look into it Alex!


October 23, 2010, 22:50:34 pm #180 Last Edit: October 23, 2010, 23:04:40 pm by STORM
Back to the engine bay you can see from this pic just how far out the bearers are, less experienced guys could easily come a cropper on this by measuring alignment from the bearers but as we all know THE important thing is perfect engine to tube distance and line up.

I was well hacked off by this situation as it offended my eye and effectively scrapped any possibility of using the bypass.


Next the main rear servo loom was secured to the fuse sides complete in it's heat proof tubing and the rear plugs parked up out of harms way.


Next was the tanks, inside pickup, clunk etc fitted and lockwired.


After a fight both tanks were installed and secured with long velco fasteners I picked up on eBay some time ago.
I still need to find a way to stop them sliding back and forth, probably some silicon here and there.


Quote from: STORM on October 23, 2010, 22:50:34 pm
Back to the engine bay you can see from this pic just how far out the bearers are, less experienced guys could easily come a cropper on this by measuring alignment from the bearers but as we all know THE important thing is perfect engine to tube distance and line up.

I was well hacked off by this situation as it offendede my eye and effectively scrapped any possibility of using the bypass.

I think you would have found if you used a P120/160 it would have been ok.

Had the same problem on a Airworld L39 P120 fitted perfect but the Wren 160 was a nightmare to fit.


Don't think I can blame the engine or mounts Seamus, they look ok.


The two 5 amp flight batteries (for weight/cg reasons) were somehow crammed into the nose and main supply cables routed.


Would'nt worry about the bypass especially when you have a top hatch and can see the turbine.  Very reassuring to watch what is going on at start up.

I took the cover off a bypass installation and discovered a whole lot of burning that was not known about, I personally feel any advantage (if any) of a bypass is not worth having over disadvantages.


Whist working in this area I found that the nose door was not closing fully as it was catching the top of the servo arm, screw and clevis.
I changed the arm and drilled a clearance hole on the inner door skin.
This would have caused problems binding up the steering servo as the door closes after gear deployment.
Useful tip, I used some Bluetack spread thinly to see where the fouling was.


Glad you confirmed that Seamus, I was wondering how well it would work w/out the bypass, bitch to fit especially with the Wren 160, cables on the start pod etc.


I decided after watching Pylon's L39 fling that slowing down the gear was in order, very lifelike Richard so I installed a couple of regulators on up and down lines, I will have to remember to check the gear/door timing as that could be a catastrophy!


Before someone spots that the air adjusters are ony going to affect the main gear because of where the are positioned in the system and not slow the noseleg I have done that on purpose as it is very important to get the nosegear up quickly because it closes forward and air speed can stop it closing properly, so it (in theory) will slam up quickly.


A ply plate was then made and epoxied to the fuse to take the vent/taxy tank tube outlet.
I have never had the need for a taxy tank before but a 160 class engine will not run for long on 3.4 litres, I will add another tank in the future if she flies ok.


Last job tonight was to bolt the two fuse halves together and connect all the system service lines up, add the fuel feed lines to turbine, main tank to uat feed and turbine electrical feeds.
It now protrudes out of my small workshop into the landing!

I have to find somewhere to park the three recievers up in the morning, all batteries are charging, so tomorrow.....Bingo. We can go out and ground test all the systems, see if it fits in the car (I calculated the nose should clear the windscreen by three to four inches) and finally assemble.

Flying is out of the question tomorrow as the wind is all wrong and I have to replace some of the monkey metal oddball sized clamp bolts on the ailerons and elevators.

Looking forward to running up my first Wren engine, I will try and get some pics or vid.

End of build. Thanks for watching!


Well chaps, glad to report that all system and ground checks and tests were perfomed satisfactorily today despite the cold weather.

Also did the first taxying trial. The Wren started and performed flawlessly, very powerful engine and ramp up speed was impressive.

My thanks to Jeff Sewell, Wren and Al who's tips are gratefully recieved despite the fact that none of these products are marketed by him.

Thanks also to a few people on this forum for their advice and encouragement.

A couple of vids were shot which I'll post when uploaded to YouTube.

A few tidying up jobs to do and she will be ready for flight weather permitting!



Congrats, looking good.   :co     
Sverrir  - Icelandic Volcano Yeti - RCMF Tech Team


Nice one Gary, look forward to the maiden report  :)
The Little Jet Company


Thank you chaps, I am really, really looking forward to flying this one.

Short vid of landing gear testing this morning.


martin lees

  Well done Gary looks great, but now what are you going to
do over the winter ?

Rgds    Martin.


That's a very good question Martin, I'm sure I'll find something.

BTW, last time I go with you lot to jet Power, got a speeding ticket in Dusseldorf going back to the Airport!

Hope the family is fine,


p.s. Can't wait to fly formation with Richard S! And you of course if you get your finger out!  ;D