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July 07, 2020, 12:48:11 pm

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Powerbox Royal RRS.

Started by pylon², January 24, 2013, 21:22:16 pm

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Anybody help me please?
I have 2 new Powerbox Royal RRS and just installing them into new models. I am using 5 cell NIHm batteries. I have managed to change LCD screen to NIHm mode. However, when battery 1 or battery 2 is switched on the regulator voltage is showing the same voltage as the battery, i.e 6.87v. It should be regulated to 5.9 or thereabouts?
I have checked little switches on bottom of Powerbox are set to 5.9v. I also have tried different batteries, Lipo and Nimh. Also I have tried the other brand new unit I have, which displays the same!

I also have another model fitted with another RRS which is working fine showing 6.03 regulated volts?

I have rang Powerbox, but technical man in India at model show.

I am totally confused and can't believe both units are faulty?

Hoping somebody can help me please.
Cheers Richard.