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July 22, 2018, 05:57:43 AM

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RC Flight Chatter / Re: CAP 1687
« Last post by Steve J on Yesterday at 10:55:58 »
The BMFA are saying that they have been assured by the CAA that something will be issued before the 30th. In light of the diagram and words in CAP1687, I want to see the exemption before I break out the good scotch.

Additional work is underway with UK aeromodelling associations to permit certain ‘model aircraft’ operations to continue above 400 ft when being flown within an appropriate club or association environment.

RC Flight Chatter / Re: 400 feet
« Last post by Alan H on Yesterday at 09:46:30 »
As far as I am aware, we are still waiting for an announcement on the subject of 400 foot rule exemption.
UK Regional / Re: The South East Flyers Thread Part 3
« Last post by GP on July 20, 2018, 19:08:59 PM »
Great photos
RC Flight Chatter / Re: CAP 1687
« Last post by FrankS on July 20, 2018, 18:39:50 PM »
Can they issue an exemption before the new laws come into force, or will the exemption have be issued on or after the 30th.
Excellent, thanks Jeff.
RC Flight Chatter / Re: CAP 1687
« Last post by lanicopter on July 20, 2018, 15:09:27 PM »
Which means, in a nutshell... "no".
RC Flight Chatter / Re: CAP 1687
« Last post by Steve J on July 20, 2018, 13:53:33 PM »
Has the exemption been approved?

There has been no announcement from the BMFA and, more importantly, there is nothing on the CAA ORS4 list.

Electric Flight Technical / Re: Strange Overlande r 4s
« Last post by Chippie on July 20, 2018, 12:27:55 PM »
There are 5 leads going to the balance connector.....
At one end, connect your dvm positive lead to it, then with the negative lead go to the next wire, your dvm should read 4.08v or there abouts.....if there is a - sign in the display, swap the meter  leads around......
Now measure between the 2nd pin and the 3rd pin, the reading should be 4.08v ,go between the 3rd and 4th, note the reading....same with 4 & 5... Note the reading....from this you should be able to identify the high cell......then connect your bulb/multimeter and discharge that cell untill it reads the same as the others....then try recharging.....

I cant help any further without detail of your charger....

Post up how you get on.....this reply,  is in lieu of the pm you sent me, for the benefit of others...
RC Flight Chatter / Re: 400 feet
« Last post by e-flite_rules on July 20, 2018, 12:25:35 PM »
Has the exemption mentioned in the BMFA bulletin been approved?  ie come Aug 1 can I legally fly my 1kg plane at 500ft?
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