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RC Model Flying Events / Re: Weston Park !
« Last post by fly-navy on Yesterday at 23:09:14 »
Went Sunday, enjoyed the show and what I purchased was bought with loose change as I am fairly stocked up with balsa etc.
Was good to see D B being embraced by so many people when he walked up the line and having loads of selfies, his commentating is sorely missed IMHO.
Why was there no "Reds" display on Sunday,anyone know?
Standing order set up for annual payment Nige, from 21/06. See how things work out over time and let me know if you are not getting the support promised.
RC Model Flying Events / Re: Weston Park !
« Last post by wunwinglow on Yesterday at 22:36:13 »
I went on the Saturday and from about 1-2pm onwards the crowd line was rammed, it was difficult to move up and down the hill. It was as full as I've seen it in the 20+ years I've been going.
For the first time I also attended the night time show, it was also heaving well before the flying began.
Some amazing flying both full size and models, especially in the dark..
I tend to agree that the average club flyer will see little that he could afford and fly at his club field; also some of the big 3d aircraft were so noisy - where do they fly them without risking losing yet another flying site?
Despite poor weather throughout the previous week it was a huge turnout again - we counted 120 models and estimate about 150 people, so the event is as popular as ever!
Saturday was at first a washout but dried in the afternoon, alllowing a couple of hours of very good flying time. Sunday was simply gorgeous, sunshine all day and just the slightest breeze.

There was a particularly strong single-channel presence this year, quite a few reeds and original Galloping Ghost sets (updated of course) and many remarked how the decline of modern commercial sets was a Good Thing.

This years 'theme' slot was the Vic Smeed 'Pulstar' with the twist that this wasnt revealed until 3 weeks before the meeting, with the aim of creating a building frenzy  ;D
My own Pulstar was built on the Friday - one day before the meeting!

The 'Pulstar' slot saw a 'mass launch' of 13 models plus Shauns 4x scale behemoth Pulstar, which flre brilliantly from its maiden launch and very magestic in the air.

A sincere thank you to all the helpers, PANDAS members, and to the weather gods but most of all thank you to the flyers who make this unique meeting what it is.

There are more photos and plenty of event discussion going on over on the new Single Channel & Retro R/C forum

Previous years 'event videos' can be seen on Youtube channel PHILG2864

So here's the 2018 meeting:
Again this is more a montage of clips than an 'edit' but gives a good account of a fun day we all had again at Ponty  :af

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Anyone willing to sell a skyleader?
Hi Nick, you'll have no trouble getting a Skyleader Clubman from ebay, they're probably the most frequently seen retro radios.
Its the more unusual ones that come up infrequently such as the SL's and of course Staveley,  Sprengbrook, RCS, etc
If you set up a search I'm sure one will pop up in just a few days.
Or you could ask on the S/C & Retro RC forum
Radio Gear / Re: Frsky X6R Sbus
« Last post by frank on Yesterday at 19:00:36 »
Thanks Guys.
Have been trawling through the UK suppliers nobody has both in stock, but all have one or the other, so I would incur double P&P, I know it's only a few quid but it irritates me !

As I am not in a hurry have ordered both decoder and channel changer from Horusrc in Hong Kong, bit cheaper and free P&P and about.........................A two week wait !
Radio Gear / Re: Frsky X6R Sbus
« Last post by RobC on Yesterday at 18:27:45 »
The channel changer just reassigns the channels on the decoder, What I am asking is can you connect sbus servos via a cable direct to the sbus port.
well, yes.  The description for the channel changer also states that it sets the channels on servos "It features an easy to read OLED display. Simply plug in your servo, connect the power source compatible with the servo (3-16 volts). The display will show the current channel the servo is assigned to. Use the adjustment wheel, change the channel, then sellect "SET"".  You then connect the sbus servo direct to the sbus output on the receiver, though from what I've seen sbus servos are not cheap. 
Alternately for non sbus servos the XPS Systems X10+ will give up to 11 sbus outputs - - I have a couple spare if you want to give them a go.  I used them for the receiver redundancy feature plus the extra channel outputs for petrol models.  Sadly I've had to give up ic models so I have these sitting doing nothing.

Incidentally, you can connect multiple decoders to the receiver in parallel using Y leads to get up to 16 channel outputs.  You can also use chained Y leads to link up as many SBus servos as you like (as long as the load doesn't melt the lead!)
Electric Flight Technical / Battery Pack Voltage Instability?
« Last post by Bad Raven on Yesterday at 16:50:15 »
Through getting into Quads a while back, I have been running all my LiPo with a screamer alarm fitted to the balance plug. Found it's better than wired in sensors, annoying your flying neighbour with Tx call outs or looking at Telemetry screens. Can hear these at range even if an engine powered plane is running close to.

However, a very few packs exhibit strange behaviour I do not understand.

What happens is seemingly random one off operation of the alarm, which presumably means the alarm has sensed a dip below the set voltage. I usually set for 3.6v per cell.


1. The pack is balanced before and still perfectly reasonably so after use.
2. The pack runs for the expected time before the alarm triggers "properly", with normal capacity and power.
3. Impedance measurement shows nothing untoward.
4. The trigger is not linked to a likely reason such as a throttle opening or other obvious battery sapping motor loading, like a sudden climb.
5. Several packs of differing size do this, and with more than one alarm unit, but only a few packs out of many.

One 6S 4000mAh pack was today random single triggering within five seconds of starting a flight (500 Heli), maybe one bleep per 30 seconds.  This ONLY on light current drain, with NO operation during punch outs, 3D moves, etc.   It ran for the normal time with no other symptoms before increasingly starting to trigger "on load" as might be expected.

Back home on the bigger ISDT tester and then charger it shows normal measurements and capacity taken to recharge.

The only thing I can think of is the balance plug contacts are not stable.


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