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June 19, 2018, 03:31:12 AM

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RC Model Flying Events / Re: Weston Park !
« Last post by Dave Wilshere on Yesterday at 22:25:47 »
I thought numbers were heavily down (Through the gate). Its a difficult one to judge as its a huge site, but I think people spent more time in their caravans than on the line.I bag watch with interest and in three days, I did not see many bags! It interested me to talk to the food people, the ones I spoke to said they had done multiple years, but this was the worst-that also made sense to me, so many caravans, why would you pay over 3 for a coffee when you could stroll back to your house on wheels and stick the kettle on. My feeling was it was full of what we call ice cream lickers, they come to watch models fly-they are not modellers! The modellers were there, but I think they just sat in their caravans in the whole and mooched around to buy odd bits. For the trade its a 5 day show...minimum, sadly many still divide their takings by 3 days and ignore the huge costs of doing these weekends. Since most are daft enough to offer free shipping, people don't go to shows to buy big items any more, they sit in their arm chairs and 'click'
I was pleased to hear there was quite a bit of balsa wood sold, its still a fraction of the good old days and won't stop the death of the hobby I love. The instant gratification life we lead means kids are not interested and 'proper' blokes who use their hands and minds to craft are now doing other things like building full scale or something they can play with which is not affected by the weather. My business only does LMA shows since they are sensible on the stand space cost and the Nats, where although not cheap, its 95% aeromodellers and not the ice cream eating public who are interested, but not buying.
Spitfire display was great, but the several thousands it cost would not be covered in additional feet. What the trade needs is two or three 'foamie' slots as the multi-thousands display models flown are for a handful of the people watching. Showing the models they want to sell flying would do a lot more for the trade than the majority of displays flown.
Could be worse, its Wings and Wheels this coming weekend...a terrible show and selling place!! See you there...
RC Model Flying Events / Re: BARDNEY WARBIRDS 23-24TH JUNE
« Last post by touchofcloth on Yesterday at 20:20:26 »
Hope to be over on Sunday Chris..

RC Model Flying Events / Re: Weston Park !
« Last post by Agent P on Yesterday at 17:21:53 »
Went on Saturday knowing it could be showers on and off, so glad we did go.
Gawd bless the wife we got the deck chairs out on the flight line at 9.30 ish and sat all day watching the flying in heavy cross winds at times.

Walked round several times but I didn't want to buy anything big, got enough to finish at home, but came away inspired and fired up to get building again.
Also ate far too much! ::)

The night show seemed a little error strewn with dean coxon singeing his elevators and martin pickering also had trouble, but we left at 22:45 for the two hour drive home, all in all Great Stuff.   :af :af
RC Model Flying Events / Re: Weston Park !
« Last post by RobC on Yesterday at 15:00:16 »
I was surprised how many turned out on Saturday as the weather forecast hadn't been too good.  I've got to say I'm glad I decided to go, I hadn't bothered with any shows last year as I think I was suffering show fatigue - they all seemed the same, seen it all before etc..  I was on the lookout for possible new medium size ARTF projects but ARTFs generally seemed less prominent than in the past, unless you count foamies.
Nice chips & curry sauce with a cuppa, bag of donuts to share later, Spitfire, Pitts and the mayhem display.  An excellent day out.
RC Model Flying Events / Re: Weston Park !
« Last post by frank on Yesterday at 13:52:59 »
Was there yesterday, very busy with people watching the flying, but the traders seemed quite quiet.

Intended to pick up a few bits and pieces...... Found that generally most of the items I was after could be had significantly cheaper online.

Sign of the times I suppose.
UK Regional / Re: The South East Flyers Thread Part 2
« Last post by EricF on Yesterday at 13:50:39 »
I'm starting to watch the weather in anticipation of our longest day session.
At the moment Wednesday is warm and south westerly, whilst Thursday (the actual longest day)
is a tad cooler with northerlies / east north-easterlies.
We're still a few days off so it could all change but, if the forecast proves accurate, how would
everyone feel about flying til sundown on the Wednesday rather than Thursday?
Well spotted Paul, I'll be there. :uk:
Will be arriving at about 6pm.

This afternoon conditions were warm with a strong south westerly.
The 'arrestor grass' as Paul calls it,  has now been cut and was being turned over by the farmer and so it soon should all be safely gathered in - let's hope he doesn't do it on Wednesday evening.
A very pleasant visitor from Duetschland arrived and flew an Alula very capably, normally he flies mouldies but as he is travelling he only has the Alula and a Multiplex Merlin with him. He is quite happy to be known as 'Herman the German' and he should be joining us on Wednesday evening, so please make him welcome if you see him.   :)
RC Model Flying Events / Weston Park !
« Last post by The Stig on Yesterday at 13:45:29 »
years ago RC events were wildly reported on  in this forum , now "not a mention " ??
I must admit to thinking they got to be "all the same " and not really relevant to the hobby , but just looking around at Weston on Saturday you would not get the impression that the hobby was dying ! It was standing room only  ;)
A very good demo by a lone full size Spit , exceptional really ,and a Pitts whos pilot cannot have eaten in the last week ! The models were quite good as well .

UK Regional / Re: The South East Flyers Thread Part 2
« Last post by mark_snipz on Yesterday at 09:31:24 »
Alas I'll be at a gig when the sun is settting on Wednesday.
UK Regional / Re: The South East Flyers Thread Part 2
« Last post by Joe 90 on June 17, 2018, 21:35:38 PM »
I will be there on Wednesday if it works out weatherwise. Will be after work. 
UK Regional / Re: The South East Flyers Thread Part 2
« Last post by swarrans on June 17, 2018, 21:24:11 PM »
Suits me too

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