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April 28, 2017, 21:54:10 PM

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Hi FrankS

Thanks very much. I didnt realise 2.42 was a major upgrade. I did check the volume, it was on 16 and I increased it to 25. Didnt realise about checking the sensor menu, I will do that.

Thank you for your help
Slope / Re: Air One Mini Acacia
« Last post by Bustergrunt on Today at 18:22:05 »
Also, the AMT is a big step up from the previous elevator version...
Slope / Re: Air One Mini Acacia
« Last post by Bustergrunt on Today at 18:20:42 »
I've also just acquired one from T9, having always regretted selling my 4 servo wing version, now I've got a 2 servo wing type and am looking forwards to getting this in the air, so this question is quite relevant to me too...
I'd be very interested in finding out what servos you're putting in yours?, it's a rather slim wing so I'm thinking 150's from Ripmax via PMP...
The wings have a very thin paint covering which I don't mind because I can see the spar showing, but there is some marking on the fuz just in front of the fin, looks like where it came out of the mouldy and has been poorly touched up.
However it's not going to affect the flying and I can always rub down, fill and repaint if I feel like it, it's a very strong fuz as I recall, not like some of these skinny types. Really looking forwards to kitting this out and getting it airborne...
Jet Turbines / Sebart Mini Avanti S (JetCat P20 Turbine)
« Last post by DominicM on Today at 17:46:24 »
The smallest jet at the Bruntingthorpe JMA event but certainly not the smallest on performance. Couldn't believe this thing is powered by just a P20. Scoots along and does all the aerobatics that you would want out of a sport jet.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>
The New Profi Transmitter / Re: Profi voice gone after update to 2.42
« Last post by FrankS on Today at 17:00:37 »
Maurice the 2.42 update was a pretty major update (although 3.49 is now the latest) and MPX updated the volume function, you can now set the general volume to a max value or assign any control to volume, so you need to go in the volume menu and check that. Also you need to go into the sensor menu and check that you have got this readout on a switch or timer for it to announce (you can also set an alarm value here too)
UK Regional / Re: The South East Flyers Thread Part 2
« Last post by Joe 90 on Today at 15:45:40 »
And about time. Looking forward to a good day of fun. with a few mishaps along the way. I have been perfecting my crashing techniques lately so should give me an advantage on the day.
Well done Charlie for sorting out this great event.
Get your Wings ready for action this Sunday 10.00am
Slope / Re: Air One Mini Acacia
« Last post by russd on Today at 15:30:08 »
Hi, quick search on rcg says 73 mm from leading edge, quite a lot of info about these on rcg.

UK Regional / Re: The South East Flyers Thread Part 2
« Last post by paul w on Today at 12:27:34 »
Hello All

I have Profi 16.

Yesterday I upgraded to 2.42 by use of the mpx launcher.

The voice that used to tell me about rx voltage has now gone.

Any ideas on getting it back please?

Many thanks in advance
Slope / Re: Air One Mini Acacia
« Last post by Butzi on Today at 08:02:36 »
Nobody?  $%&
C'mon, someone on this forum must have owned/flown/crashed one of these. I only want a pointer in the right direction for the CG, not a pint of your blood!   ;D
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