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Slope / Re: REDSHIFT HAR F3f moulds machining.
« Last post by Doc James H on Today at 02:14:36 »
Anyone who's ever flown full-size will tell you that flying/landing in a crosswind is just a simple matter of vector mathematics
(Attachment Link)

Exactly - and then compensating with control inputs to counteract the crosswind effect, and put the plane on the correct vector.

Now where was I?...oh yes, control inputs mean drag don't they?

So the if the crosswind effect can be minimized by balancing its effect across the airframe, at least to some extent, then the degree of control inputs should be less.

Which then logically means...You got it!

Less drag.

Less drag = faster plane.


Cheers, Doc J.
Slope / Re: REDSHIFT HAR F3f moulds machining.
« Last post by Doc James H on Today at 02:08:09 »
Why's the nose so long?

Tom - its not that long in fact its a few mm shorter than a pit bull.

Thats a concept sketch only so its not 100% accurate.

Slope / Re: History of Slope Soaring
« Last post by Pete M on Yesterday at 23:07:50 »
Hi Phil,

Yes, long time no see, to put it mildly, and it's great to hear from you too.

I'm hoping to become a regular on this forum to help me get back into RC, but more importantly I'm pleased to hear that its helping you through difficult times.  I didn't realise you still flew at Callow Bank.  I suppose you got the SSA email last week warning members about possible physical threats if flying there, so do be careful.

Yes, I remember my GG outfit, I never really got on with it and once managed to bend the entire RX across a rock in a crash.  The pc board was broken clean in two, but amazingly you fixed it by bending the (steel) case back into shape, aralditing the pc board back together, and soldering across all the lands.  No-one was more surprised than you when it actually worked, but it saved my life and got me airborne again. Did I ever say thank you?

I can't understand why slope events seem to have largely died out, very strange considering how popular it all was back in the day.  Will it ever come back I wonder?

During the spell when I was taking my son flying he became interested in (electric) helicopters, so we acquired two or three.  Neither of us really ever got to grips with them, then he gave up and joined a cricket club for his hobby.  I've recently decided to clear the helis out (not my fave kind of flying machine) and I think they'll soon appear on eBay when I get around to some pics.

Anyway, I've got some models to dust off, but first I'll check out those links you pointed me to.

Hope to speak to you again soon!


Pete (not been Mal for years either)

UK Regional / Re: The South East Flyers Thread Part 2
« Last post by swarrans on Yesterday at 21:14:57 »
Yeah I don't think there were too many dry bits at Thurnham today Gary - although one of our newest recruits Martin managed 4 solo launches, flights and landings on his own after barely 2 assisted flights so he must be a super star in the making!

Slope / Re: History of Slope Soaring
« Last post by Phil_G on Yesterday at 20:05:08 »
Hi Pete, wow its been a while...  ;D    I was at Callow last Sunday week but you couldnt see a hand in front of you so after a couple of hours waiting for it to clear, I gave up. Just like the old days!  I dont know if you've been recently but the tennant farmer is making things as awkward as he can - fences that go nowhere, manure spread on the launch point...  I remember your Galloping Ghost glider with the Fleet GG gear - you've probably gathered, a bunch of us retro-RC enthusiasts are regularly flying S/C, reeds & now we're making a bit of a GG comeback too!

Back to the Pylon Racers, I dont remember what happened to mine. I recall it was hanging in Keiths shop for a while then disappeared.  I wasnt aware of that 1973 article until Shaun gave me a pile of RM back issues!
The racing was great fun! If you remember we both liked the 'freestyle' aerobatics rounds best, after pylon,
Its a shame all the comps we loved so much are no longer supported.

Its great to hear from you on here Pete, the forums are a lifeline for me as you'll appreciate though I have to say the positive attitude is an act I've perfected to hide what my doc calls 'moderate depression'.  If this is moderate I'd hate to suffer the full blown version  ;D

Phil    (not been 'Pip' for 40-odd years!)
PS heres some stuff:
Single-channel website:
Youtube channel: PHILG2864
And the S/C forum:

UK Regional / Re: The South East Flyers Thread Part 2
« Last post by GP on Yesterday at 19:21:19 »
Well, I sat in the car up at Thurham this morning hoping the rain would stop, but it poured down, so I got no flying in. I guess it might have been quite good this evening though.
Slope / Re: History of Slope Soaring
« Last post by Pete M on Yesterday at 18:47:34 »
Hi all,

I'm a newbie on this forum, and this is my first post, so apologies if these words appears in the wrong place/upside down/whatever....

I'll get better, honest.

I found the forum quite by accident when I spotted the reprint of a March 1973 "Strictly For Soarers" article from Radio Modeller, uploaded to this thread by Phil_G, and did a double take.  Well, may I introduce myself by saying that the top photo in the article shows Phil_G on the left, and on the right is, er, me.

I'll apologise for the dodgy 1973 hair-do in advance, I don't have it anymore, or hair generally really.  I do still have that pylon racer model though, it's in the attic and hasn't flown for 40+ years.  Yikes!

The mid 1970's more or less marked the end of my first RC "career" as work etc. got in the way, although I'd been a keen modeller since the 1960's.  I made short a re-appearance maybe ten years or so ago when I tried unsuccessfully to get my son interested.  At the time he and I flew slope soarers from Callow Bank, Sheffield, and also did indoor electric stuff at the Goodwin Sports Centre, also Sheffield.  At that point I re-joined the SSA (Sheffield Society of Aeromodellers) but when my son's faint interest finally fizzled out, the models began to gather dust in the attic, where they still are.

Well, now I'm retired, I'm hoping to begin RC career #3.

Watch this space!

Sport / Re: 6 Nations 2017
« Last post by itsme on Yesterday at 15:39:52 »
So a 3.5 nations cup?  :''
ask me if I care..... :ev
Sport / Re: 6 Nations 2017
« Last post by FrankS on Yesterday at 15:12:04 »
One more reason for Brexit!  ;D

So a 3.5 nations cup?  :''
Cars & motorsport / Re: Cyclists!
« Last post by Andy J on Yesterday at 15:07:44 »
Working in Oxford, this all sounds so familiar.  Also, I have experienced some utterly selfish behaviour from cyclists, I used to frequently get stuck behind a troop of older cyclists on a Saturday morning, they used to come through the village I lived at about 8 in the morning taking up the whole road, 3 miles at 10 -15mph on the road from the village to the main road then you were lucky if you got past them on the main road so stuck for another mile or so until they turned off,  another was on a busy 60mph limit road 2 MAMILS doing 10 mph, one of them straddling the centre line so deliberately obstructing people from overtaking them safely.  don't get me wrong, I'm not anti cycling, I am cautious, courteous and give cyclists the required amount of room, however rarely to I get any courtesy back and like others have said it really winds me up when cycling lobbyists go on the TV or radio asking for more and more to be done to keep cyclists safe from us evil motorists then defend such actions as undertaking and filtering and when asked "why not use segregated cycle lanes where provided" they always come up with the excuse that they are too dangerous, dangerous compared to what? Filtering and undertaking buses and HGVs!  I've even heard cyclist defend jumping red lights by saying it's safer for THEM than stopping, Oh yeah, no thought given to those of us who often have to jump out the way of  RLJ cyclists whilst using a pedestrian crossing.
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