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RC Flight Chatter / Pyramid Models
« Last post by PDR on Today at 16:54:11 »
Anyone know what's happening with Pyramid? Their website says its under rebuild and is only open at weekends (no I don't understand that either), but it's still just a blank page. I wanted some luftwaffe markings for project Anon, but it looks as if they're no longer running.

Failing that - anyone know where else I can get some Luftwaffe decals (1/10th scale fw190) as either stickers or waterslides?

IC Engines / Re: What model is this 70s OS 61?
« Last post by Skyleader on Today at 16:51:19 »
The O.S 40 fsr was a popular weapon in my local club in the 1970s.
By the way PDR, I ran gallons and gallons through Enyas. Bullet proof and powerful. The air bleed carb wasnt efficient though. But still loved them. 😉
System messages / Re: My password????
« Last post by itsme on Today at 15:43:38 »
I do use Chrome - where abouts do I find saved passwords please
At the top right of the screen there are three dots. Click on that and go to 'settings'. It should say Passwords, and 'saved passwords'. look for and the password should be a number of dots. Click the 'eye' symbol next to it and it will ask for your windows password. Click on  'more choices' and put your pin in. (or your windows username and password- I dont know those!) it should then reveal your password.
RC Model Flying Events / Re: Ashbourne Scale Day
« Last post by CEEJAY on Today at 15:31:41 »
See you all in the am😀😀
IC Engines / Re: DLE engine
« Last post by THE BLACKBIRD on Today at 14:52:08 »
Two problems with that itsme i live in Cyprus and 2 Mr Cantwell and i do not see eye to eye, think i would be the last person he helped lol
I called in at a engineering shop this morning looking for parts and tools to fix it, but no luck
Still tables left boys.
Electric Flight Technical / Re: Need another Lipo
« Last post by Charlatan on Today at 14:17:15 »
Never had any issues with Hobbyking lipos.  Got some which are 7-10 years old still going strong
System messages / Re: My password????
« Last post by pooh on Today at 13:48:57 »
if you can log in one one machine, go to your profile page and change the password, accept the new password, and use that to log in  with all machines.

to find your profile, as far as I can see after a quick look,just  click on your own forum name in a previous post and that takes you to "profile", then there's a button "modify profile", click on that and a drop-down menu appears, click on "account settings" and another page appears, and amongst other things there is the option to change log-in.

If you are really dead-set on keeping the old password, you are, I believe the technical term is "stuffed" (other versions are possible...) as you can't remember it! Can't speak for certain for this website, but some formats don't allow even the site owner to see user passwords.

apologies to Spurry, I didn't read what you had written, so my repeat is not required  :''
May bee same problem I had, defective motor, not ESC and this was an almost new motor but out of warranty.

Well this is all a bit embarrassing because after a few minutes use I had the same problem so suspected the moto!  but the actual fault was the prop driver slipping and as the motor warmed up the friction between prop and driver must have reduced slightly and the prop slipped so the esc was not getting good positional feedback.

New prop driver with fine emery paper between prop and driver and its fine!

Does not change the model shops attitude though!


System messages / Re: My password????
« Last post by FlyinBrian on Today at 11:25:12 »
you will still need your current password in order to modify it! Have a look on Chrome (if you use that) to see if it has saved it in settings/passwords. You will still need your Windows password or pin to access it. If you dont use Chrome then perhaps someone else can help.

I do use Chrome - where abouts do I find saved passwords please
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