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Thanks for the replies chaps  :af

And Phil thanks for the thoughts on the halls. From a distant memory of A level physics I thought they would not require any physical contact and would therefore be more reliable. Might still go with it - not sure.

I suppose what I really want to know (and i'll probably get the terminology wrong cos i'm no expert ::)) is do all the frsky tx's use the same transmission system i.e. is the radio link equally sound with all of them. I'm quite happy to not have sliders but fear I could end up flying the most expensive model i've ever owned with the cheapest radio i've ever owned ;D
IC Engines / Re: Laser engines ? ?
« Last post by Gordon W on Today at 15:37:05 »
The situation at Laser Engines is discussed on pages 19 and 20 of this thread:

It seems that you'll have to wait three months or more for an 80 whilst the company moves its production machinery etc to a new site and re-starts engine manufacture.  From the postings that Jon at Laser has been making in the past on this same thread, it has always looked as if Laser engines will definitely continue to be produced in the future.

Best to keep an eye on the website to try to get your order in as soon as stock is listed against the engine you want.

FWIW I wouldn't buy the BNIB Laser 80 on sale in the BMFA website at anywhere near the asking price.  It's a very old model with the Irvine carb, and squared-off valve cover, possibly with a mix of ba and other non-metric threads, and may well be unsupportable by Laser for spares/repairs if ever needed.

Just my 2p.

IC Engines / Laser engines ? ?
« Last post by Skyleader on Today at 15:17:12 »
I really want a new laser 70 of 80.  I e mailed the company and they replied, read the website, which says they are moving. Is this another Solartex down the pan or ??. Getting dispondent about modelling at the moment........
Cars & motorsport / Trying to be Greenish ?
« Last post by The Stig on Today at 15:15:33 »
At new year it was the time for me to think of a "new " car .  So I thought best go electric , I borrowed an  i3 from BMW and thought it was great .
However its range was not  friendly to my modus operandii., so until  the range of these  electric cars improves I have ruled them out ,
 I drive a 200+ hp diesel which over the last few years has returned 40.3 mpg, But diesels have a bad name ? So this time I went for a petrol  fearing the wrath of the ill informed  government taxing diesel cars off the road .
I put on a green hat and  chose  basically the same car as I had  but now with a petrol engine.,just slightly less HP.

so what have I done !    The petrol version does 28.4 mpg !!    so basically if I do the same mileage  I shall be putting out at least 1/3 MORE  nasty  stuff than before , ( wether it be CO or Nox related  ) .

I feel there is not enough publicity in favour of the frugal DIESEL .

Slope / Needle 124 Kit for sale
« Last post by sammy5 on Today at 12:37:54 »
As new Needle 124 kit for sale. The kit is about 2 years old and is as delivered from T9.

Carbon HT layup, all original panels and joiners, in perfect condition. The fus is carbon up to the nose section, which is kevlar so it's 2.4GHz compatible.

Comes with 6x MKS servos:

2x MKS DS6125 Wing Servo

2x MKS DS6125-Mini Wing Servo

2x MKS DS6188 Servo

RDS kit, wiring loom, ballast, wing and fuselage bags, Hall effect magnetic switch, battery. Literally, everything you need to put this model together apart from a bit of patience, epoxy and a receiver.

A stunning and very fast model to fly. I don't have the time to build it so I'm looking to pass it on. Original purchase price for all of the above was about 1800, so asking for 800 or near offer.

Introduce Yourself Here / Re: Hello all
« Last post by Alan H on Today at 11:59:39 »
Hi Nige, welcome to the forum, there's people here whose interests cover all aspects of model flying
Cars & motorsport / Re: Buying new cars online
« Last post by paulinfrance on Today at 10:56:57 »
I was looking at a new 308 SW but with the sound option ◾Pack Hi-Fi DENON,No spare wheel, and
 at 510,,, :''  so the subwoofer will only give you anything is when the boot is empty,,  :banghead:
Jet Turbines / Re: F104 1/4 scale scratch build
« Last post by THE BLACKBIRD on Today at 10:50:47 »
Been planking the wing tank and sheeting the elevator
Cars & motorsport / Re: Buying new cars online
« Last post by itsme on Today at 10:11:34 »
Actually, and surprisingly, it was a stock order and has a full size spare wheel - not even a space saver.  It is even in a colour that was on our short list.

They also had a deal on at the time, whereby if we funded it through their captive credit company, the credit company would make a contribution to the deposit that roughly equated to the interest on the loan.  Having secured this, we told him that we were putting down 2k more than the minimum deposit, so the contribution from the finance company actually exceeded the interest for the period.
about what you would expect from a treasurer!  ;D
Introduce Yourself Here / Hello all
« Last post by NigelR on Today at 09:56:43 »
Morning everyone

I'm Nige and I'm vaguely addicted to things that fly!

I'm back in the game for a year or so now, after a long break (starting with college and ending with two small boys running around the house), I like mainly sport & 3d models, flying and building (although too lazy to do scale).
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