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June 26, 2017, 18:20:01 PM

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UK Regional / Re: The South East Flyers Thread Part 2
« Last post by Joe 90 on Today at 16:42:15 »
Tried get this one. Unfortunatley many others were interested also and it sold immediatley.
System messages / Re: Pictures gone!
« Last post by Phil_G on Yesterday at 23:25:03 »
Yep there are a lot missing.  Me & Gerry talked via PM about pics missing from my mixer project, which I replaced manually - but the problem seems far more widespread.

A very recent BMFA post by Big Andy:

Heres another example:

This one has missing pics but icons rather than the "ila_rendered" text

Loads more examples in this thread:

System messages / Re: Pictures gone!
« Last post by Plain ol' Puppers on Yesterday at 22:53:48 »
System messages / Re: Pictures gone!
« Last post by Steve Mitchell on Yesterday at 22:25:52 »
Link a thread that you're talking about.

Just had a look and can see pictures on a recent thread.


PS not saying I can fix it, just intrigued if it's a forum problem or local to you!
Slope / Wanted
« Last post by ian52 on Yesterday at 21:06:57 »
Long shot but has anybody got a left hand wing for a nyx/furio spare? I burst mine at the weekend and although it should fix another one wouldn't go a miss.
System messages / Pictures gone!
« Last post by Plain ol' Puppers on Yesterday at 20:57:11 »
On many threads (including my own) it appears that all photographs have departed to be replaced by a cryptic message which is rather detremental to the threads.

I sent Gerry a PM yesterday but that seems to have disappeared into the great "bit bucket of doom" (computer speak) so I don't think he's seen it but hopefully a post on here will alert the team and hopefully  :xx the cause of the problem can be found, repaired and the photographs returned to their rightful place.

I wonder what's gone wrong?


Slope / Re: Pike WR Extreme...Carbon Nosecone and 2.4 aerials
« Last post by Bustergrunt on Yesterday at 19:07:29 »
Tested and not found wanting.....had a small hoon fest with the Pike worries with the Rx positioning  :af
UK Regional / Re: The South East Flyers Thread Part 2
« Last post by EricF on Yesterday at 18:32:14 »
Multiplex Tangent ASH 26 for sale on BMFA Classifieds
Like mine but with motor installed in nose.
These don't come up for sale very often as they are a dream to fly on the slope.

Here's a video of mine on its first flight with me.
RC Flight Chatter / Static display donation/sale wanted
« Last post by wiggy on June 24, 2017, 23:31:14 PM »
Hi All...
I do a bit of volunteering at the "We'll Meet Again WW2 Museum in Freiston Lincolnshire" and it's about to open it's doors.   It's on FB so have a look....They really do need a couple of WW2/WW1 models to hang up for display. Any of you guys have anything stashed in the loft or in the rafters of your workshop that you care to donate or want to sell??? lets me know.. The ethos of the Museum to to get Kids hands on with the exhibits and ways of life on the Home Front during WW2

contact me

Jet Turbines / Re: Wot 4 turbo prop
« Last post by JimG on June 24, 2017, 19:56:46 PM »
With 2 servos per wing half this means that 4 wires have to be plugged into the Rx everytime the wing is fitted. If there is any wind this becomes quite awkward as around 10 sq feet of wing acts as a good sail. It also leaves 4 wires hanging loose inside the fuselage. I therefore decided to try and simplify the wiring using MPX plugs, this also allowed the extra battery connector from the Powerbox Baselog to be connected straight to the wing servos, not sending power through the Rx. As the wings can't be kept in one piece but must separate for carrying this needed a second MPX plug to link the wings together.

To reduce the number of wires needed 3 of the servos only used the signal wires, no plus or minus needed as there is a separate power supply to the wing servos. The 4th servo uses all the wires.
Plug holders were printed to take the MPX plug and these were screwed to the wing. I kept the plugs horizontal so there is no downward pull from the wires although MPX plugs are tight fitting.

The wires from the RX were tie wrapped together to give a single harness.

With only a single plug to fit on the wing this will now make it much easier to set everything up at the field and reduce the number of possible loose wires inside the radio compartment.

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