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June 22, 2018, 10:07:27 AM

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Dear All

Just three weeks to go to  the next Tibenham model event
I am starting to get a 'twitch' (steady).

Unfortunately Dutch scale legend Jan Hermkens is unable
to attend due to a family bereavement.

There is no flypast at the moment.

Thank you.

Regards Phil G.
UK Regional / Re: The South East Flyers Thread Part 3
« Last post by Joe 90 on Today at 06:16:18 »
Good turn out on Wednesday evening. Plenty of flying going on and the most gliders in the air ive seen for a while. Look forward to the next one, Althought the M20 was shut delaying my journey home.
I'm watching England in the World Cup.

RC Model Flying Events / Re: Weston Park !
« Last post by itsme on Yesterday at 22:07:51 »
I'm not sure a model show will attract NEW modellers. But they used to be aimed at the average sport flier who flew normal cost planes and persuaded them to part with beer vouchers to buy the next model they wanted. Now it seems to be a spectacular, with amazing models and pilots so far away from club level nobody could even consider seeing a model flying then rush off to buy one at a show special price. Not knocking the shows, just stating a fact.

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IC Engines / Re: Aspen Fuel
« Last post by Steve Mitchell on Yesterday at 22:00:32 »
We used to run the radials on it! Worked a treat, just expensive if using all the time!
IC Engines / Re: Aspen Fuel
« Last post by Norfolk'n'Good on Yesterday at 21:58:38 »
IC Engines / Re: Aspen Fuel
« Last post by itsme on Yesterday at 21:56:00 »
So where can you get this stuff?

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:( I'm working
IC Engines / Re: Aspen Fuel
« Last post by Norfolk'n'Good on Yesterday at 19:36:55 »
would it be advisable to run in a new evo 33cc on this or use normal petrol oil mix first ?

Just fill up and run it.  Dont spank it by running at high revs for long periods, I run my chainsaws on it from new putting them to work immediately and to date no issues.

I heard a story which I have no reason to disbelieve that a guy bought a new chainsaw and ran it on Aspen in a commercially.  After 12 months it was stripped and the engine inspected there was no wear and no carbon deposits to be found it looked almost like new inside.

It will not deteriorate or harden your diaphragms or fuel pipes and is actually polystyrene safe.
IC Engines / Re: Aspen Fuel
« Last post by paulinfrance on Yesterday at 19:25:02 »
Most of our club use the ready mixed stuff with problems at all, but why all this mystifying
stuff about running in   :-X just fill your plane up and fly it. :af
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