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The D130...

Started by Zim, September 30, 2010, 09:49:37 am

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what was jonathan's final top speed , looks and flies great :af



February 27, 2014, 16:40:41 pm #122 Last Edit: February 27, 2014, 16:43:10 pm by deckit
Rumour has it a rather nice Dynamic will shortly be gracing RE on a more regular footing..... :''

Que pasa?


It's no rumour......... 'tis long before the UK record goes. Ant.


Quote from: Anthony on February 27, 2014, 16:52:57 pm
It's no rumour......... 'tis long before the UK record goes. Ant.

Not long at all, assuming the winds hold up for another few weeks.


Just returned from a much needed DS session with my D130 at RE. Had a good 1 hour flight at mid day  with some quick DS laps achieved in the gusts. No gun was present hence no speeds listed. The wind speed over the top was approx 15-20 mph gusting 25ish. Very happy solo launching the model now after some practice. The weight of the model quickly evaporates when you point it into wind and take a few quick steps. Bring on more wind !


glad you had a good day.
Steve gave me the heads up but it was all a bit late as I had pm meetings, and still no light ds models ready to fly. :( (Groove armada progress is good)


You didn't miss a days flying anyway Will. The weather turned to heavy and persistent rain from 2 pm onwards so conditions at RE were good for only a brief period. The darkside was mostly good but the height of the shear layer varied from very high (great fast flat laps) to very low ( digging deep with not much drive and turbulent). In the gusts the D130 really got some speed up but the size really makes even a rough estimate of speed very difficult. All in all a good mornings flying. Hope to see the RE Ds crew soon for more fun.
Here's another pic of "Jaws" ....


Wednesday at MS is looking good, MO (Mam Tor) currently showing 16-18 g 30-34 mph, dry with part cloud.
Even if the 'Edale Factor' renders it WNW'ly, the LH circuit above the gate should be really good.
Kiwi Steve is flying into M/cr early that morning, so hoping he's able to come & play too.

Jonathan W

I don't know if I can make it on Wednesday, let me know if you need my pro2.



Thanks, Jon, your Pro2's excellent pick-up rate is always welcome, but looking at a fun session so my v1 should cover any speeds attained in fcast winds, if I bother to take it!
Sorry you can't be there; long time no see.
Anyone else for it?


Finally got the D130 up to speed this morning at RE. Arrived at 11am and conditions were really sweet for a couple of hours before the predicted rain arrived. Certainly got the model in the groove and at a guess the fastest it's been yet  :af .


Been a bit slow here so not visited for a while.

Glad to see you got out for a bit of a flight. I am missing it. All the good weather passed while I was stuck indors looking after kids while the Mrs swatted. Now the exams are over and the wind is gone.

Noticed it near a year since previous posts int thes thread.

Hope to catch up soon on to of some DSable hill