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March 03, 2021, 05:17:05 am

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Valenta ASW 20

Started by peter_burgess, July 04, 2013, 21:07:47 pm

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Hi Guys, has anyone any experience of the Valenta ASW20? I fancy getting one in the future but I would value any comments.
Pete B


There were two asw20s flying at the mynd today, my glasflugel and a valenta asw20. The Valenta flys nicely, the weight is about 4.5kg, my 20 is about 1kg heavier with retract etc, but its hard to tell them apart. I reckon you'd be happy with it. If you look on my blog for asw20 duet you can see both flying at the mynd.


Ive had two valenta asw20s, a bullet proof model, dont bother with the carbon d box option, the glass one is very very strong. They are great. Phil at glidermania can get hold of them fot you


I have just finished my Valenta ASW 20 and its a beautiful bit of kit and very nicely made. I have the all-carbon version and hopefully I can get it out on the slope in the near future.
The elevator required packing up on the leading edge by about 3 mm to achieve the correct incidence but apart for that its very easy to build and fit out.