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First DLG

Started by DarrellW, December 24, 2015, 11:41:16 am

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I'm looking to buy my first DLG, of the models i've looked at the Super mini Topsky and Elf mini from Hyperflight seem to be pretty good options, which should I go for and any other suggestions?
I also want to use it on an area around where our caravan is sited that don't quite work with my Wildthing - thinking that either might fly much better in such marginal conditions I see there.
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depends what you want from it.
for light slope lift and a chuck about in the field my Dreamflight Libelle works great.
but it's got nothing on the glass stuff.
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I had thought about the Libelle but it's not much more for either of the ones i'm interested in hence my question. I know that an Alula would probably be ok but not for learning DLG.
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Love my Elf, if it bites the dust I will replace it with another in a heartbeat. 

Most important is glue in the throwing tips with a generous amount of a quality slow set epoxy.  Cyano is not suitable.  Would also recommend the HK altimeter as a DLG training aid.

Be warned DLG is very addictive.... :af

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The elf is great fun. Like other DLGs, they don't like high winds. Probably 10mph is about the most you want to go elfing with.

Make sure you get really tiny servos. The pod is very small. Also keep an eye on the battery as it discharges remarkably quickly if using 1s and a booster.

Don't think about the HK ones, elf, blaster etc are hugely superior: unless you are a novice or struggle with tiny servos, then the HK is OK for trying DLG and will catch stronger thermals.

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