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January 17, 2021, 11:42:42 am

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aerobatic scale(ish) glier thinking Fox or Swift

Started by tadleysoarer, November 21, 2016, 21:54:31 pm

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Seen good reviews of FlyFly Fox Glider 3.0M - Ailerons/Flap/Rudder/Elevator Airfoil: HQ 1,0-10 Gliders UK retail outlet have no stock.

FlyFy Swift 2.5M Ailerons/Air Brakes/Rudder/Elevator (says retract but not concerned as only slope fly) Airfoil E374 Gliders have stock.


Royal Model Fox Glider 2.2M - Ailerons /Rudder/Elevator Airfoil: RG15 Found UK stock.

Anyone any experience of any of the above 3 models?

Anyone dealt direct with Hobby88 in case I went the FlyFly Fox route direct?

Thanks Tad
Scale soarer's do it quietly in style!


My lovely wife bought be a Windrider Habicht 2.6M RTF glider for my birthday! Had a quick look and the kit seems fine to me, there are a lot of very small dimples all over the fuz. Will add a bit of drag. Look forward to assembling this model.

Scale soarer's do it quietly in style!