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January 17, 2021, 12:50:13 pm

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OS 1.2.20 - Rebind after Update

Started by Bad Raven, November 01, 2016, 16:14:31 pm

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Bad Raven

Just in case anyone downloaded the update early, it was released without the instruction to rebind every Rx after update (since added to the readme).

Some updates do not go near the IXJT internal RF cct, Some do, 1.2.20 does!

The Rx's will work without re-binding so be careful TO re-bind!

During Beta the most useful tools I had for the Horus was a set of switches with battery plug and socket either end I had made up as it makes repeated binding so much easier than struggling with bind button and plugging in a battery. As good as all my stuff is now either JST Red or XT60 so only two leads required.
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Updated to 1.2.20 last night and rebound my 2 X8R's
I presume I will not need to rebind my V8 receivers as they are bound to the external module?

Upgrading the firmware was a piece of cake.
Format an SD card to FAT32 and lable it frsky
Create three folders on the SD Card called FIRMWARE, SYSTEM, and MUSIC
Copy the update "Bin" file in to the FIRMWARE folder.
Put the SD card in the Horus and power it on then just follow the prompts.

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