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January 20, 2021, 00:10:35 am

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Slope Soaring around Cumbria

Started by soar bum, December 05, 2016, 22:58:59 pm

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soar bum

Hi all,
       I thought I would introduce myself. My name is Alan Bellis and I have lived in the lakes near the bottom end of Windermere since 2008. I have flown RC for almost 30 years at club level - never competed but one day may be. My first rc plane was a second hand Impala which I taught myself to fly off the slopes of Moel Famau, as I grew up in Wales.I fitted it with a cheap 27mhz 2 channel set and had hours and hours of fun. I have loved slope soaring ever since. I have owned IC and electric planes over the years but it's the simplicity of slope soarers that really appeals to me. If anyone out there is ever in the lakes, feel free to pm me and we can meet up. Gummers Howe (seen in my avatar) is on my doorstep and is only a 10 minute climb! It's a great slope with an amazing view.
Any way, over and out as they say...

Alan  :)


Welcome aboard Alan, an Impala at fluid Clwyd sounds familiar... spent many a happy weekend there.

Your location sounds idylic, sloping nirvana  :af

soar bum

Thanks Phil.

I am thinking I should have posted this in the slope section. Can I post it there aswell or move it? Don't want to break forum rules by double posting.

Ta :-)

Pup Cam

Welcome to the forum Alan.

As it's an introduction (and an invitation!) this seems as good a place as any :af

Only been to the Lakes once and the Dales a couple of times, what fabulous places - I need to put that right soon!

Still distracted by a 1953 AJS 16MS and now a 1939 BSA 250 too!

soar bum


Flown with the North Lakes guys a few times. And the slope above Keswick. Great times.

Sent from my SM-A300FU using Tapatalk

soar bum

I like Keswick :-). Will get in touch with the North Lakes guys.