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March 06, 2021, 22:48:57 pm

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Carrera Mistral-C for sale - like new! 4,5m

Started by NSWanderer, July 16, 2017, 18:09:25 pm

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Rare, beautiful scale glider, 4450mm span. Early 1980s part-assembled kit, highly prefabricated, from the top-end Carrera range, unfortunately now long defunct.
With installation plan, fittings, homemade stand etc, though no instructions.

The fuselage is of Carrera's own 'Ferran' moulded plastic material, the wings are foam veneer covered, as is the stab and fin.
The stab is all-moving, the flaps and ailerons have been cut free from the wing cores.

The model shows its vintage, having been part-assembled with the quite complex, period mechanical mixers and linkages. These are quite beautifully engineered and no doubt made up a considerable portion of the very high price of these kits. These could still be used, although most will prefer to fit individual direct-drive servos, given today's versatile mixing Tx's.

Never had RC gear fitted, never covered and never flown, of course. All components, even hinges, latches, etc, appear to be present, but this model has passed between at least 3 owners over the past 30+ years so this cannot be absolutely guaranteed. The major parts (wings, fuselage, canopy, rudder, stabilizer) appear virtually new with no visible damage or 'hangar rash'.

There cannot be much chance of finding another in this 'almost-in-the-box' condition. By the way, there is no box!

So collection only from Lincoln, Lincs. Unless you provide a 230x40x30cm box! £300 or sensible offer



Neil Byrne

Hmmmm, very nice indeed
Ideal for lobbing off a hillside near leek !