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December 02, 2020, 03:50:09 am

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Epoxy clean up

Started by Gaspin, August 30, 2019, 06:53:36 am

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Yesterday I managed to drop a significant blob of mixed epoxy on my shorts, the way you do occasionally, but this time I fort back. I was using 20 min epoxy, so scraped off the excess on the back of the knife, finished the glue job, then found the methylated spirits. Soaked the area around the glue blob, both sides and gave the material a good rub, then applied washing up liquid via the sink scotch pad again well worked to a lather(don't bother with the innuendos). After drying no sign at all of that tell tale modeller's mark.


Worst is the bit you dont notice until it has gone completely hard..."whats that on that shirt I just bought you?" err....


You can clean brushes used with epoxy with Nitroverd√ľnnung which is widely available in DIY places - Leo.org translates this as nitro-Cellulose combination thinners. It will also cleanoff unhardened epoxy from garments although often at the expense of discolouration
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yes, acetone and thinners is fine, as is meths and ethylene, but only before the stuff goes off.


Just find some cracked up piece in the house, I.e., a fridge handle, put some epoxy on it and leave it all in site of 'Madame' in the workshop, ::)  when she finds the lump of hardened epoxy on the piece of clothing that 'she' bought for a present, you have an excuse that will get you though your ordeal,,  ^-^ 
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