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December 04, 2020, 20:53:48 pm

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Guild Materials Fuel Proofer

Started by frank, February 17, 2020, 20:56:06 pm

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Hi Guys.
Has anyone used this ? Have just refinished a glass fibre cowl and given it two coats of the above, it seems to take ages to dry, it's now over 24 hours since applied and it's still a bit tacky !

I did try a test on a scrap of alloy that was done two days ago, dunked it in glow fuel for about half an hour...... It just dissolved when I tried to wipe the fuel off the test piece.

Bit worried now, it does say on the tin it takes a week to achieve fully cure, but thought after two days it should be ok.

Any other recommendations for a good aerosol glow fuel proofer ?


Sounds like an acid-catalysed polyurethane. Once the carrier solvent has evaporated they generally need some warmth to kick off the cure. If this has been outside it may not have been warm enough. Stick it in the airing cupboard for 24 hours and see if that kicks it off.

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If all else fails read the instructions.


"Stick it in the airing cupboard for 24 hours"

It been in there since Sunday night ! Suppose I will just have leave it for a week and see how it is then.


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Quote from: paulinfrance on February 18, 2020, 10:40:49 amDid it kill the Moths ?. :''

Hahaha...... No but me washing smells a bit funny !!


May 08, 2020, 11:16:44 am #6 Last Edit: May 08, 2020, 11:18:04 am by andyone
To clear up some misunderstandings in this thread...
Guild Materials paints claim to be identical to the original Flair Spectrum paints. This means that they are single part and most likely polyurethane enamel type which always takes several days to fully dry and weeks to become anywhere near fuelproof. It is not acid catalysed as this would mean it has two parts which need to be mixed like Aerokote.
I have used the clear fuelproofer in the past and found it to be quite ineffective against moderate nitro. Give it a year to fully cure and then may be it'll work better.



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I use clear polyurethane varnish, available in gloss, semi-mat and mat - does the job for me!
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I also only use car 2 pot polyurethane varnish (mat ) it fuel proofs against anything 'except' fast moving Earth,,

Maybe your cowling is 'contaminated' with a demoulding agent like wax ?.
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Charlie C

I have been using Guild fuel proofer quite happily  $%&

I don't follow the instructions though.

I give  it a bloody good shake first, at least ten minutes. One mist coat, let it go tacky then build coats as required.

Once i'm happy, i leave it to go off which can take a few days in the winter, even if i sneak it into the spare room.

The only other thing i have found is that if using matt, one its had a good shake, give it another one as sometimes, if there is the slightest bit od coagulant unmixed, the finish ends up with white spots. Best to test first but its only on the matt

Hope that helps.

Charlie C

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