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December 02, 2020, 03:35:22 am

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CenturyUK "Ruckus"

Started by Bad Raven, September 09, 2020, 22:20:34 pm

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Bad Raven

In a fit of worse than usual lunacy, as a winter hack last year I bought a Ruckus. Other than the weedy ESC provided being more suited to a depron shockflier and doubling as a soldering iron, it initially seemed OK to assemble and get going.

Flying it was the first real disappointment, on 3S with suitable prop it was less agile than an arthritic tortoise, though some might call it "stable", and on 4S with the suggested prop it was still pretty dull. It flew well enough if all you wanted was a performance like a real world Cessna 150 with engine trouble.

Tail end of last week it argued with a tree, and the tree won. Can't say I was disappointed, but it did have a brand new 2200mAh 4S Graphene in it at the time.

Finally recovered today, I have to say the build quality was staggeringly robust, large aluminum rod joiner into near full length aluminum tube, copious amount of well glued, screwed and solidly braced 6mm thick ply.

Really impressively strong motor mount, and no way was the undercart going to do the typical ARTF "retract" at any landing quality short of lawn darting at 200mph. The legs screwed to doubled 6mm ply!!

What was most impressive though were the TWO large steel rectangular bars in the nose in a nice moulded in secure pocket against a ply bulkhead for CG balancing, impressive in a negative sense that is, as it might have been better if they'd got the battery position better located to avoid such ballast.

Not throwabout enough for me, but all in all quite a good stab at a basic low wing trainer, and by a long way the strongest built ARTF I have seen.
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Maybe it was designed for hedge trimming and tree felling, ^-^
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